Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inspired by all of you out there!

I have been so inspired by all you creative women out there in (creative blogland)! It seems like you're always painting and that most of your inside walls, are indeed, painted. Well, while at Lowes the other day, there were these two quarts sitting on the "oops" table for $1.00 each. They were the mustard you see here in the photo. You can see where I stopped at the red curtains. I've been planning on painting this family room mustard for some time now, so when I had to opportunity to try it out for $2.00, I took it. Result...very dramatic I think. Here, I showed how the mustard looked butted up against the kitchen nook. That's the only place I have that Ralph Lauren red. The rest of the kitchen is wallpapered in a cream color with tiny navy blue stars all over. ( a future post) But I like the barn red and mustard together. I can't get over how beautiful the barn star looks against mustard.

I took this photo so you could see how blah the walls look, white. Thanks for all the inspiration! One guess what's going to happen to that old armoire that used to hold our TV in the last home...yep, you guessed it...the same thing I've seen all the rest of you creative gurus do...Paint it BLACK. Thanks for the inspiration again! : ) I'll post an "after" photo one of these days.

Sara's room is coming along. Shouldn't be too much longer. : )


Alexa said...

What a fun blog, Mary Lou! Thanks for letting me know about it. I remember the few times Tim and I made it over to your place, we always commented on how everything looked so cute and fun -- I think it's great to have a way to show your style off like this! I think the mustard walls look great! :)

Alexa said..., "wall looks great", I mean!

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment! You're blog is great. You're really off to a good start.

I love that mustard color on your walls. Very pretty with the red.

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

Hey Mom -- I stopped by to see your new updates!! I love all the new posts and I'm so excited to see the finished product! It's looking so great! :D

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

The mustard color looks great with your decor!

~ Sarah

Pearl Maple said...

Everyone is posting such lovely inspiration for the Fall Nesting party. Thank you for sharing a peek into your decorating projects that are making a wonderful nest for your family.