Monday, December 1, 2008

My Brother and SIL's Kitchen Makeover

My brother and SIL live an hour and a half from us. I'd been dying to see their recent kitchen makeover, so I drove the truck up there Friday morning and stayed the night.

My brother was out front when I arrived. He told me to park next to his truck so we could take a photo of our "brother and sister trucks." : )
Here's my adorable brother, Steve, and me. He's the one I told you about...remember the story about him letting me tag along on my bike when he went collecting for his newspaper route?

Love you Steve. : )

You have no idea how many photos I have with my mouth wide open.

Speaks volumes huh? : )

Hey Brother, thanks so much for the hand-me-down shirt. I'm SO stylin' in that outfit!

Okay, on to the fun stuff. Here is the kitchen "before".

Be sure to notice the soffit, which makes the ceiling very low and gives no room to display anything above the cupboards.

My brother has turned into quite the handyman over the years. He learned a lot, a few summers ago, when he helped renovate my mom's house in order for her to sell it.

Out goes the soffit.

Up goes the ceiling.

Notice the space above the cupboards now and the added can lights.

Steve did an excellent job hiding all the seams in the ceiling drywall. He also learned how to do electrical work from my mom's house.

Notice, in the photo above, the fridge placement. The cupboard above the fridge was virtually unusable because of it's location. You'll see later how they solved that problem.

Out go the old cupboards, old linoleum and carpet (which was over the eating area).

My cute SIL, Cindy.

Just can't help himself...always being adorable. : )

Love the beading detail.

Starting to take shape.

Now, the cupboards above fridge are usable. Also, that long slender pantry to the right of the fridge space is full of drawers on rollers. Smart move!

Love the molding on top!


Now for the CROWNING GLORY! I was with Steve & Cindy the day they picked out their huge slab of granite. What a fascinating experience. An entire warehouse full of slab after slab.

Cindy chose this one and what an excellent choice it was!!!

Up close. A thing of beauty!!

The Big Reveal.

Notice the new grey flooring. Beautiful!

Great choice on the three pendant lights!

And great choice on the matching diningroom light fixture.
Way to go guys! No one deserves it more! Love ya...and... your great taste. : )


Darlene said... gorgeous is THAT!!!!!!! Can they come make-over my kitchen????? LOVELY!!!

The Berry's Patch said...

Holy cow that's gorgeous. Looks like something out of a magazine. :-)

Ms. Tee said...

OH my goodness, it's gorgeous! They did a great job. And how sweet that your brother wrote that on the wall in paint! :)

Pajama Mama said...

wow! he did a great job!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

What an amazing job! I just can't believe the difference! And your brother what a wonderful husband to write that on the wall before he painted over it! So cute both of them!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a beautiful kitchen your brother and SIL now have to enjoy! Do you think you can show us more pictures after it's all decorated? Pretty please?

Jenny S said...

I get him next!! My kitchen is awful!I love the red they chose for the walls!! Very pretty!

mollyandmarshal said...

WOW! Such an amazing transformation!! It looks gorgeous!

Susan S. said...

What a breathtaking makeover! Your brother is SUPER talented! You and your SIL are two lucky ladies! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Too fun :) Love the pics of the whole remake.

Steve said...

Hi Sis:

Great photo journalism! Love the photo of us as kids.... looks like I probably just whacked you over the head with a stick right before the shot (that's the me I remember...).

Love you,


Granny said...

What a wonderful kitchen! I can dream through these pictures, eh? Love you!