Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

Surprise!!! Guess who's expecting baby no. 3, and still looking like a model for a magazine.
Below, Andy is about one year old.

And again, as a Senior in High School. Can you believe how handsome he is? Yes, that's a National Honor Society pin on his lapel, and Yes, he was the President of his High School. Man, I sure hope I'm not in big trouble now. That's why I love posting these WAY late at's too late to ask permission. : ) Love you, big brother!

If you remember, last Wednesday was the actual day we started moving my mom. It was a very emotional and stressful day. Thank heavens for the little Ballet Recital, so that I could get my mom out of the old apartment and get her mind off all that was going on.

Above, is my daughter, Emily, and another instructor greeting my mom before the recital.

Emily, instructing the children in all the different positions before they actually performed their dance.
Below, little Miss G visiting with GG.
Okay, on to Thursday. Another stress filled day, due to trying to finish up all the moving and I needed to get my mom over to a Dr. appointment to finish up all the paperwork the new Caregiver needed. So on the way to the Dr., we stopped to get a couple of Dr. Peppers. My mom doesn't drink them very often anymore, because she tries to eat and drink only healthy things. But let me tell you...Thursday was a Dr. Pepper day. And boy did it bring a smile to her face when I told her so, as we pulled up to the window to order. : )
Sam, the new Caregiver, has two pugs. My mom LOVES dogs! I thought I'd snap this one for my siblings.
On Friday night, my sweet friend, Margie, came by with her puppy, Little-Bit.'re an angel!
I look tired here, but that's because................I was.Notice Little-Bit's red, white and blue hair bows. Too cute! You may have also noticed the leftover bruise above my mother's right eye. Leftover from the fall I mentioned last week. : (

Then on Saturday, Em and her family stopped by before the fireworks. Thanks guys!


vivian said...

hi doll, YOur mother is beautiful and I can tell shes had a wonderful blessed and full life! Love seeing the pictures!
have a sweet day!

marie said...

Love that last picture ~ it's so sweet and your mom looks wonderful in it! And about that first photo, well she's definitely magazine model material there! Those old photos are such wonderful treasures.

Love that lampshade in the last picture ~ it's from Ikea isn't it? My Katie has he same one in Charlotte's bedroom.

Have a restful day!

Diva Kreszl said...

I love your posts about visiting your Mom...they always bring a smile to my face, your Mom is beautiful!!! I lost my Mom 12 years ago and still miss her everyday :(

Deb said...

Once again...loving your posts about your Mom. It's so hard to belive you have look way too young!!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

I am so in love with you and your sweet family! I wish I could come over and visit all of you.:) The love that you have for each other literally jumps out of your pictures...

I know those little pugs will love sitting in your Mom's lap.:) Puppies and Dr. Pepper put a smile on my face, too! Lori

PatQ said...

Your mom looks like she's adjusting well. I love reading your posts about her because I'm taking care of my mom.

MiMi said...

You guys are all so beautiful! And some days are definitely Dr. Pepper days, for sure!
Love those doggies.

Not the Good Scissors! said...

I just love your "Wednesdays With My Mom" stories. They are uplifting. I love seeing pictures with your Mom smiling.
Take care, Susan

Cami and Dustin said...

I love those pictures of my dad, they are so fun to see!

When you mentioned drinking Dr. Pepper, it brought back so many memories! Grandmother used to always have her cans of Dr. Pepper, I loved it. But I think she had the generic brand, Dr. Thunder or something? Oh, too good.

Thank you so, so, so much for keeping us updated on Grandmother, one minute I'm smiling remembering such great things, and the next minute my eyes are filled with tears because it's so hard to see her go through all of this. But I'm so glad that you document it, it's so very important! Love you.

xoxoxo, Cami

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like your mom is doing pretty well considering everything she's been through this past week. Today would have been my mom's 88th birthday. Love your bookmarks. You guys are such great friends to help her out with them. Girls camp is fun but so much work! Mimi

Mimi said...

HI M.L.!!!
I love the story of your MOM and her family, if we do not tell our story, no one knows it, when I did my Anniv. blog post, my 2nd daughter said"Mom, I never knew where Dad proposed", that made my day and all this blogging worth it!!!
Keep writing!!!
love those stories!!!
try and rest some, but I thought you looked beautiful!!!

My name is PJ. said...

So many comments I could make. Let's see: The little dancers are soooooo adorable and they appear to know what they're doing! Your mom's vintage shots are truly magazine quality, each and every time. Women never 'threw themselves together' before they started their days back then. I'm so glad you moved her someplace 'safer'. Great post!

marmielu said...

Hi! It looks like your mom is enjoying all the activity, and hopefully that will ease the change that's going on.
What a nice thing you are doing for your family with all these posts.
Mary Lou

The Burners said...

Oh I had a "Dr. Pepper day" the other day too! I hope things are better for your family! :) Transitioning is always the hardest part of starting something new.

Ms. Tee said...

Your mom's a doll. I love that you told her it was a "dr.pepper day", too. :) We had some dr pepper days this week, too. Hope you have a great weekend - I'm glad your mom is getting better from the fall, too :)