Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom

Our good brother-in-law recently repaired and framed this old painting my mom did years ago. She had given it to our Aunt, who recently passed away, as a gift.
We are so grateful that her nephew sent it back to my sister, June, below. Thanks so much, Ron, for the beautiful job you did repairing and framing it. I can tell it has made Mom very happy.
On this day last week, I took over this loom gadget. Did you have one as a child? Well, I did. And I was such a funny little kid, that after my friend and I made about a ton of these potholders, she and I went around the neighborhood selling them for twenty-five cents each. I LOVE telling this cracks me up! : )
I was very interested to know if my mom could follow the color pattern or not. She sure could and it was very important to her to get it right. SO CUTE!

Before we left, Sara said to me, "Do you think Grandmother would like to see my new wallet from the antique store I just bought?" I assured her, she would. I was right. : )
As promised, I finally got the videos from last week to load. They're each about 12 seconds long. I know my family has been waiting to see them...I hope you'll enjoy them too. : ) You can hear her cute voice in the 2nd one.

If you remember, we "got 'er done!". Happy Wednesday to all.


MamaTina said...

It's just wonderful how you have found a way for her to do things with her hands. It's a good reminder that just because we move beyond the basics in our lives, it doesn't mean that we should forget them. Loved the video!

Scrap for Joy said...

Was it a paint-by-numbers picture? When I read that your Mom made it my memory could instantly conjure up the smell of those tiny little pots of oil paint. There was a lot of detail in that painting-she did a great job and I'm sure it will bring her great comfort every time she look at it. I remember the potholders, too...never thought of trying to sell them though. (You're much more resourceful than me ML!)
I'm thinking about the sun where you are today...we're having 8-10 more inches of snow and the wind chill is -1.

Diva Kreszl said...

whata wonderful idea touse these simple crafts to help mom and keep her busy...I do remeber having one of those looms, I just loved it!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I had the biggest smile on my face watching your short little videos. Your mom sounds so much like my grandmother who was just here. I think it's great that you are finding things for her to have fun doing...My grandmother is blind so she doesn't get to do much but sit around and think and tell stories of when she was a child-I cherish her stories.


jenjen said...

Your mom is so sweet! And what a great artist she is too! Beautiful painting!!

I love these posts. I can tell how much you love your mom.


Anonymous said...

How precious to see your Mom's determination with her projects and her joy at completing them. I remember the potholders very well - I can even remember the smell of the cloth! I tried to sell a few myself! Thank you for sharing your Mom with us - her painting is very pretty and must give her great comfort again. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May God bless.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I adore your mom, and I adore the way you are so good to her!!!
This is what all parents deserve.
I remember making those pot holders, but dang it, I never made a dime!!!
Happy Wednesday, Suz

Barb said...

I remember making those potholders also when I was a kid.I didn't know they still made the stuff to make them and your mom's painting what a gift to have it back....Barb

MiMi said...

I want one of those potholder maker thingies...
So your mom painted that?? No wonder you're so talented!!
It's just a small view of the wallet, but I'm thinking I want one like it. :)

Celestial Charms said...

What a beautiful painting of the Last Supper. I love when gifts given in the past, somehow make it back to you. That is very special.

Darlene said...

I bet your mom was overjoyed to get that beautiful painting she did long ago back. It is beautiful! I remember making those potholders!!! I need to get Lexi one of those because I bet she would have fun making them now. The video of your mom is just too cute. I'm glad she figured out what was wrong on her sewing.♥ Hope you are enjoying your evening.

RACHELLE said...

i very much so enjoyed the videos! your mom is just a doll!

i laughed so hard about your childhood concessionaire story!

My big sister and i totally did that!

but more embarassing than that...

we would make up dances and put flyers all over the park and then hand out announcements to all the houses on the block....

then we would do 100 cartwheels to songs on cruddy recorded tape cassettes when everyone would show up... YIKES!

i will always blush when this comes to mind.

i love all the crafts for your mother. She is so pampered.

can i file for an adoption into your family? lol

Hee hee hee...i love my family but you guys are just a very special group of folks!


Tami said...

Yes, I made those wonderful pot holders had tons of them. Love your precious stories about growing up, family and most all your mom.

Mimi said...

HI Mary LOU!!!!!
I love that you find fun things for her to do!!!! That is so sweet and so special for her too. I loved the videos of her and her voice is so cute, she must have been talking about the rest room?????
She is quite the crafter!!!!! I love the Wednesdays with Mom!!!
My Mom fell on ice in her yard(she lives outside of St. Louis), I may have to go and take care of her, this happened Sunday, and she is not better yet, hasn't even gone to a Dr., my niece the only one in her town-- works 6 days a week, and my MOM will not drive in snow or ice, so she is just laying around, I am afraid of dehydration and pneumonia, I leave in a week for the Olympics is the problem. I wish she never moved from AZ.
What do I do?????

Annabelle said...

I loved the videos of your Mom! It was sweet that she got her painting back. I had a potholder loom & loved it!

My name is PJ. said...

I love the painting! Those are collectible now....and very hard to find. I never had the patience to complete a paint by numbers. Too many colors and to many spaces. ;)

This was a complete retro post. We used to make those potholders too! Wow, you brought back a lot of memories.

Deb said...

My great aunt had a painting of The Last Supper in her kitchen and I haven't thought about that for years. So glad the one your mom did has come back to you.

I love that you take crafts for your mom to work on - and the videos were fun to see. :o)

Jacqueline said...

Oh Yes! I have fond memories of potholder escapades! A fun memory for this Thursday morning. Mom is cute as button for sure!

Allie and Pattie said...

Oh, thank you for visiting us! I was so crazed yesterday, i forgot it was Wednesday! I LOVE your Wednesday posts! That loom brought back so many funny memories. And the videos of your Mom-a treasure! Thank you!!
xoxo Pattie

GrandmaBev said...

That's nice that you could get the painting back for your Mom. I remember those potholder things too. Didn't know you could still get them. Your Mom certainly looks happy. I'm glad you can do so much for her.

Kim's Treasures said...

I love your relationship with your mom! Very sweet! Glad she enjoyed the pot holder maker! I loved mine as a kid!

Nezzy said...

Your mama is just the sweetest thing! I'm so glad you have the picture where it belongs. Your mom is blessed to have you to keep her hands and mind busy. I loved my little pot~holder kit.

You have yourself one terrific day filled with blessings!!!

Lisa said...

I find Wednesday's with uplifting!


The painting your Mom did is very nice and I love her smile :)
I think my Grand daughter might like to make some potholders. I could use my coupon!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Deb :)

Mimi Sue said...

We used to love to do paint by number pictures. We would always ask for them for our birthdays. I had one of those looms too. We made a bunch of potholders but I didn't even think about selling them! You were way smarter than my sister and I. Love your little videos. They're precious now but you won't believe how precious they'll be in the years to come. Mimi

ByTheSea said...

Oh my gosh.. I do remember the pot holders.. what a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing that.

I love the picture that your mom painted...your family is just so full of talent.

Your mom is just so sweet. thank you for sharing her with us.

kanishk said...

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mary said...

my girls make those potholders and we use them for a coaster for our water bottles! an actual use!

marmielu said...

Yes, yes - I remember those potholders. My cousins had one, and I just loved it whenever I went over there.
I enjoyed hearing your mom, and I'm so glad she can know when something's off, and can follow patterns.
We have sunshine today, so some of our snow is melting. I've never been so glad to go to Sam's Club in my life!
Mary Lou

marie said...

Oh yes ~ I had one of those looms AND I sold them door to door in my neighborhood too! I actually have a couple of this kind of potholder in my kitchen drawer right now. My Mandy made them.

You Mom is so sweet ~ I love her voice and the painting she did is beautiful. What a special treasure for her to have.

Nicole said...

It's so neat that you have such a wonderful relationship with your mom.!

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

It is heartwarming to be able to witness the love you have for you mother, and she for you via your blog. Thank you for sharing such precious moments with the world. The way that you honor her tells me that she is a truly wonderful mother! It is wonderful to see that something you did as a child, most likely a gift she gave you, can be shared so many years later. I love reading these posts, they remind of my grandmother that we lost last Christmas, and she taught us to bake. Every time I bake I think of her! Bless you, your family, and your mom!