Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom AND...Something Fun to Share...Finally.

Well, it's been a long and trying week. When it was time for my mom to be discharged from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation facility, we tried SO hard to send her to our first choice. However, there were no beds available at that time, so she had to be sent to the next closest place. Without going into all the disappointing details...we decided it was in her best interest to transfer her to our first choice yesterday, when room opened up.
The difference is like night and day, to say the least, and I cannot tell you how elated I am to have her at the new place under such competent care! : ) I took this pic below, yesterday. I didn't ask Sara to pose for this...I just looked over, saw her comforting her Grandmother, and got my camera out.
Okay, onto the "something fun to share". Pottery Barn.com recently put these numbered pillows on SALE...(did somebody say the magic word???)...so I ordered them immediately. Aren't they a riot?

And I thought I'd throw this photo in too, because I brought this cute birdie bowl home from 'Home Goods' a couple of weeks ago and it just makes me smile.
A sweet little story to share: When we were all growing up, my dad insisted that we never let our feet get cold. I really think this had something to do with being in the War. I know that soldiers are told to protect their feet at all cost and keep them dry and warm to protect their health.
Notice: We are all standing on folded newspapers (except I think Andy is wearing slippers or socks, behind me). Those papers were put there by a loving father who always wanted to protect his children in every way he could. Daddy...if you can read this in Heaven...thank you from the bottom of my heart. : )
My goofy little heart. : )
I'll be stopping by your places in the next few days to catch up...don't give up on me.


Angela said...

I'm glad you found a loving and caring place for your mother. I adore the pic of your dad. So beautiful. I almost cried about the newspaper..I still do..Wow,,what an amazing Daddy!!!! I love that front porch of your childhood home....

I'm loving your chairs girl the most..oh my goodness, something that would be perfect in our rec room once it's remodelled!

marie said...

What a week you've had ~ but how wonderful that things turned out as you hoped in the first place. I'm so glad your Mom is getting some tender loving care....what a sweet pic of her and Sara too! The love of family is some of the best care available!

Your new pillows are great ~ love the definitions! And they're perfect on those comfy looking chairs.

What a special story about your Dad ~ I think you're right about the war part too. My father-in-law is always after us to cover and protect our feet. You share some of the best old stories and photos. I love to stroll down your memory lane!

P.S. I love my squirrel twins too! Thank you so much!

Deb said...

You have the best pictures of your parents and yourself from the early years! So glad to hear your mom is settled and in a good place. :o)

Tami said...

Happy to hear the your Mom is out of the hospital and on her way to recovery. Love the PB pillows..fun! Adorable story about your dad..your so cute in that pic love the outfit!!

My name is PJ. said...

I'm so glad your mom is in the better facility now. I've got her in my prayers. The photo of Sara's hand on hers is precious.

The variety of vintage photos this week was fabulous!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Mary Lou,
I'm so glad you were able to move your Mom to a facility that you're comfortable with...you and she will sleep better I'm sure. Prayers will continue.
Some observations about this post....
Love the pic of your Mom in that chaise lounge..she looks so serene and those capris are right in style today!
Your pillows from PB are great..loved the flip side definitions!
I'm lusting for the bird bowl!!! The color is dreamy and it could have so many uses...I need to ask Barb to check her HG for one for me (we don't have HG here in Pittsburgh...sniff!)
I agree with the thought about our Dad's being concerned with keeping feet warm. To this day, I'm not much of a barefoot person because we always had to have "something on your feet". The picture of you kids is a riot and I'll withhold comment about your nightwear head covering ;+)
Last observation...you and I need to take down our Easter decorations
Love you friend...keep strong!

Diva Kreszl said...

so happy to hear you were able to get Mom into your first choice facility! I shall continue to hold her in my prayers :) love the pillows and that sweet birdie bowl too. Your Dad was really something.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad you were able to get your Mother in the best place. Dealing with things like that can be very stressful.

Lorraine said...

You were so adorable! I am glad you were able to get your mom into a good rehabilitation place.

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

I am so glad you were able to get your mom into the place she wanted. That is so important! :)

You must be exhausted with all of this going on in your life right now. Take care of yourself too...No worries about not being able to visit...we are always waiting for you!
I love your sweet little birdie bowl!

Darlene said...

I'm glad you got your dear Mom into the "right" rehabilitation facility. I know since you are now comfortable with it that your Mom should thrive and do well.

LOVE the story about your Dad, keeping all of your feet warm....so sweet.

Your pillows and birdie bowl are fabulous!!!

Jenglamgirl said...

I hope your mom is in good hands. I know she is with you and your daughter(s)

Love the pottery barn pillows and that bird dish so so sweet.

What is sweeter, is the story you told about your father and feet. Love the pic. with the newspapers, I got weepy eyes when I read that. So endearing... thanks for sharing. Hugs, Jenn

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I love what your Dad did with the newspaper!! What a true sweet heart of a Man!
I'm sure he is greatly missed.
Mom seems to be doing much better now, thank goodness.
Home Goods is still a store I have not been able to go to. I really need to take a trip to shop in one.
I have been catching up too with everyone, I have been packing for our move in a few weeks and I still have so much to pack, its been really crazy!
Have a great week and big hugs,

Anne said...

So good to hear your mom is where you are comfortable with. That must take a load of your mind.

And the feet thing: My grandmother would always get onto us for having bare feet in her tiled floor- worried about our feet getting too cold! How funny! She was a doll just like your daddy sounds! :0)

Jessabells said...

I'm so glad to read that your mom has now moved on to a rehab. It is scary to know that there are many incompentent facilities nowadays due to budget cuts and such. I hope when I become a nurse that whereever I shall land that I am able to give my time and care to patients that they deserve.
I love the story of your dad keeping your feet warm. That is truly a great memory to have. Sometimes it is the little things that are worth so much.
Of course I love your new pillows and I'm sure I'll see many imitators in blogland which I just love. Have a great week.


beckaboots said...

I'm glad that your mother is doing better!
You almost forgot...that beautiful ring on Sara's finger!!!! :) I am so happy for them :)

PatQ said...

Isn't it funny how the little things our parents did for us are the things that stand out in our memories? Just the fact that he took time to make sure your feet didn't get cold meant the world in the big picture. I'm glad your mom is in a better facility. They can get rough.

PatQ said...

Isn't it funny how the little things our parents did for us are the things that stand out in our memories? Just the fact that he took time to make sure your feet didn't get cold meant the world in the big picture. I'm glad your mom is in a better facility. They can get rough.

Carol said...

ML....Prayers for your mama! You are right to move her to your #1 choice.

Your stories are so so dear. Memories keep us grounded and remind us where we come from~



GrandmaBev said...

Glad you were able to get your Mom in the place you wanted. Loved all the pictures. What a special memory of your dad. That sure is a cute picture of you.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Girlfriend,

What a sweet sentiment about your daddy, and what a small world, I have always admonished my children for not wearing something on their feet. I always say that the feet should be covered. I hope we can get together again soon.



Hi You Little Sweet "Goofy You"!!!
You are darling in the photo.
I also am so happy for you and your lovley Mom, that she is in the care center that's best!
Cute birdie dish and fun pillows.
Take care.
Deb :)

Tamara Jansen said...

It's great to hear from you again! It's been so crazy busy around here, I have very little time to catch up with my blogger peeps.

I just LOVE that your dad would put newspaper out for your feet. It's those little odd things that we remember forever, isn't it?

Take care!

The Idaho Olsens said...

I am glad that you found a good place for your mom. I really enjoy the entries about your mom...I love all the black and white photos you put in your posts. There is something about families in "old" black and white photos, that just makes the world seem peaceful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mimi Sue said...

All's well that ends well. It makes such a huge difference to be happy with the facility. So frustrating when you can't make it work. Love the protective newspaper. Both your parents seem pretty close to perfect. Mimi

Mimi said...

Oh Sara is just a little sweetheart, how cute to hold Grandmas hand so she wouldn't be scared or just to show her how much she loves her!!!!
OH and Daddy what a great smart guy, feet health is so important and who wants cold dirty feet!!!Not me!!!I hate having cold feet, slippers are my best friend!!!My daughter asked me today"what do you want for Mother's Day, I responded slippers, she said you always say that, and I said I know, but I love them always have them on!!!!!Oh have fun wit your Mom and hug her for me!!!
I still would like to send her a card???
e-mail me

MamaTina said...

So glad to hear your mom's care is improving. Hope it means she'll be improving, too. The newspapers are great. My husband always worries about whether or not Hannah has cold feet.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so happy your Mom is under good care now...I heart your Sara and her love for G'ma.
Love the numbered pillows? No 3, 4, 5 or 6???
Your dad was so good to you...love those photos.
Your mom on the chaise? Such a beautiful picture.

Creative Breathing said...

Mary Lou, Your Wednesdays posts touch my heart like nothing else. Truly your life has been a gift of goodness, and I am grateful that you share it with us. GAGA cute pillows! Your sense of style I just know instinctively comes from your mother. We are blessed by what is given. Elizabeth

Suzanne said...

I just love your posts about your parents. I'm so glad you mom is in a good place for her recovery. She's such a loving person. Thanks for sharing the stories of your loving mom and dad.

Amy said...

So glad you got your mom in your first choice after all! I know what a difference that can make.
Those pillows are adorable. I have pillows in the same fabric as your chair--or at least they look just like it!
Love the old pics--we run around here barefoot and no socks sometimes. Shame on us! Isn't that like going outside without drying your hair?

marmielu said...

Hi there! I'm out of commission as far as blogging, but am nosing around as I can. I'm glad I stopped by to find out about your mom! I sure hope she mends quickly, and does well with her therapy. The facilities can make a world of difference. I know that probably takes a worry off your family's minds.
Mary Lou

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary Lou, I'm so glad you found a more comfortable setting for your Mom and that she is stable. Love those new pillows, always fun to get new stuff for the house and I always get so excited about it too. The newspaper and your Daddy . . too sweet, just precious. He reminds me of my husband with our kids. The pic of Sara with Grandma equals all love. I adored my Grandma, she was my friend too. We were lucky enough to have her with us til she was 96 years old, she outlived my Grandpa by 20 years. Enjoy the coming weekend again, they come so quick. Sandy :O)

Jacqueline said...

Hi my Mary Lou!
I received the Kiddle house...many many thanks to you for all your effort. I love the thing!!! You knew that!!! Check is going in the mailbox in the morning to you. I so appreciate you doing this for me. Makes my heart glad indeed.

You have the most amazing photo's of your family. Isn't it so healing to blog about our childhood and parents? That's how blogging started for me. I had a Fairyland story to tell and it's been one of the most healing things I've ever done for myself.
Love to you my friend.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Such wonderful B&W vintage photo's...& such a sweet moment to capture, between Sara & her Nanna.

I love the pic of you in your PJ's...you look exactly like Andy Pandy...a BBC childrens character from my early childhood...back in the 60's!! My Dad was always telling us to 'keep our boots dry'...usually in fun, but I think it definitely stemmed from wartime experiences in the field!!

So glad you have your Mum settled in a place you are happy with...now perhaps you can relax a little for yourself?!

I love those cushions & that little birdie bowl is just so sweet!!

Thanks for sharing x

The Shiny Pebble said...

That was such a sweet picture of your daughter comforting your mom. I loved it. The pillows... I remember you mentionign thme whem I was trying to figure out what to use in my patio. Your dad would think that I am an awful parents... my son very rarely wears shoes. his feet are always burning up. lol
I am glad you are back and your mom is under good care.

Anonymous said...


Jenny said...

Awwww...what a great post. I'm glad you found a better solution for your Mom. When my Mom was putting my sister into a facility the differences between the places was mind boggling. I hope this one works for you.

vivian said...

Im do glad for whatever reasons that it worked out and that you were able to move your mom to your first choice. She is precious and deserves the best care possible. Love the old pictures and I just know your dad is smiling down at you ALL the time. I think he is probably extremely proud of the way you and your siblings are taking care of his wife!
hugs to you!

Emily P. said...

oh, mom! You are/were the CUTEST little thing in the whole world! I wish I had video of you as child....:D

RACHELLE said...

Love the pillows, love you in the cutsie gettup!

gotta love dads and their protectiveness!

love that your mom is out of the hospital!

i havent had a computer for over 2 weeks now, so i had no idea she was there in the first place. i was so sad to read that.

i hope you are hanging in there.

lots of love and prayers coming your way!



Sassy said...

You have so many precious photo's......I love that your dad would worry about your feet.....I wonder if he could hook up with my dad in heaven.....he moved from us in 1997 and sure do miss him....he was a great dad too! But.......I never got the newspaper treatment...I LOVE THAT!!!!