Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flowers, Jewels and a Sweet Little Birthday

Below, is a SNEAK PEEK of the Bridesmaids' dresses. We're still tweaking a few features on the dress, so you'll have to be patient while waiting for the "reveal". I realize this skinny little belt is white (instead of cream). We just used what we had lying around, for effect. They will all end up being cream for the wedding.
There will be seven Bridesmaids, so we're working on all the flowers that will go at the waistline...and trying to decide between pearls or rhinestones for the centers???

*photo below, courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
Our very own little "Shirley Temple" had her 6th birthday this past week. Just look at those curls...

Below, is the adorable cake her sweet mommy made for the party.

All the girls made Fairy Wands, played bean-bag toss, had a treasure hunt, played 'Pin the Star on Tinkerbell' (using the big mural on the living room wall) and wrapped up the party by making Fairydolls to take home. My daughter and son-in-law did a great job planning the party (with some much-appreciated help from their sister-in-law, Leah). Great job, guys!!!
Big Sister looking on...her turn is next month. : )

Onward and upward...I've been sewing my little heart out this past week. It's not like the Wedding is around the corner, but I really want to stay on top of things since there's only TEN THOUSAND things to tend to before we cross the finish line. : )
Have a great week! I'm shooting for posting at least once a week this Summer. Maybe I'll pick back up in the Fall.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks and sounds like they had a fun party. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter. I like the pearls/rhinestones in the center of the flowers, and looking forward to seeing the finished dress.
Have a great week.

Jessabells said...

I'd go with the rhinestones. I think the pearls will disappear in the flower. I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing the wedding with us. So fun. I love weddings.

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I like the pearls~They just seem softer and don't take away from the flowers...I'm sure the younger girls would like the rhinestones though! (I know my daughter would!)
Either way, what I see of the dresses and flowers it's going to be breathtaking!

What a wonderful time for you!


Lorraine said...

Both versions of the flowers are beautiful. I liked the pearls better until I saw the sepia photos. I am sure whatever she chooses will be just right! Happy Birthday to the 6 year old! What a fun age!

Small House said...

I'm certain that this wedding will be the hottest ticket around. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Since being away from my computer for over a month, I must have missed your mom passing away. When you mentioned it in the comments it took me by surprise. I was so sad. I enjoyed reading your Wednesday with Mom posts. You were such a blessing to your mom, and treated her with such kindness. sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Anonymous said...

I like the vintage look of the rhinestones best. Both are pretty and I love the color and style of the dress. What a fun and exciting time. Thanks too for sharing the Princess' birthday. What a doll she is. wishing you a very nice week.

Deb said...

How exciting, Mary Lou! Glad to hear you are getting a jump on things while you can. When is the wedding date?

Adorable little birthday girl!!! xo

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love those flowers...I can't believe you guys are already that far along.
Happy birthday to the little princess. for my next birthday, that is the party I want.

Diva Kreszl said...

the dress color is so beautiful...can't wait to see the finished product :) those curls are just precious!!!

Mimi Sue said...

How about a few of each? Love them both and wouldn't be able to decide. Happy Birthday to Shirley;)! My little grandgirl turned 6 last April. Where does the time go? Have fun with all the preparations. Mimi

marie said...

Love the peeks at the dresses ~ and the flower belt is such a pretty touch! The pearls and rhinestones look equally nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed (beautiful) dresses!!

Happy Birthday to "Shirley Temple"

Beth at Aunties said...

Oooo so pretty! I love how the Lord tempers our lives with enough joys, the heart can mend. Her colors are yummy looking and I am sure the wedding celebration will be gorgeous.
Happy birthday sweet little fairy~♥

Sandy said...

The birthday party was unreal!!!!! How fun....I have a thought about the middle of the about both pearls and rhinestones???? Best of both worlds maybe.....:):) The color of the dresses is wonderful! :):)

MamaTina said...

The pearls in the flowers looks so classic. Looks like a wonderful birthday party, too!

GRAMS said...

What a fun post. Love the party and envy the curls. None of my have curls, just little bits of waves and I always wanted curls. Love the pearls.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a happy time with all of the special occasions! Love the sweet fairy birthday and wonderful photos of your sweet Princess! Enjoy the summer! ♥

Darlene said...

From the sneak peek it looks like the bridesmaids dresses are going to be gorgeous!!

What a FABULOUS party and WOW look at that CAKE!! Your granddaughter is just toooooo cute with all of those fabulous curls!!

Creative Breathing said...

Sew Busy Mary Lou! This is such fun! I'm actually getting butterflies to see these beautiful dresses come together. Which will she choose? The suspense is wonderful! I always enjoy my day to visit friends in this community, and I especially love visiting you! Elizabeth

GrandmaBev said...

I know the dresses will turn out beautiful. Looks like a fun party for your granddaughter. My little granddaughter loves tinkerbell too. She had to have a tinkerbell backpack for starting preschool. Fortunely I found what she wanted at Big Lots. Have an enjoyable week.

Mimi said...

Those dresses ARE going to be amazing!!!I like the pearls as they add that extra cream touch, but that is just my H.O.
love the way they look though!!!
SO excited for everyone!!
The fairy party looked like a HIT!!!SO fun!!!
Of course I loved it, I love anything disney!!!

My name is PJ. said...

I'm getting caught up in the excitement of the wedding gestation period!

And your little Shirley Temple is a cutie pie!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Good Morning, Mary Lou! Boy, I had lots of catching up to do here at your place. Looks like you all have been very busy. The fairy party, designing details for bridesmaid's dresses, etc. And the colors - LOVE 'EM!!!

Oh, and my vote (that is if you're taking votes hehe!) is for the rhinestones in the center of the flowers. I think it gives them an extra sparkle and glam.

Have a fabulous week!

Jackie said...

Next time they have a Fairyland party please please invite me! I see I have a childhood twin said the girl with the curl. She is just adorable and what fun, there was magic made for sure!

I vote for the pearls in the it. This is going to be an awesome wedding. Mom is at work with dreams unfolding.

Thinking of you my friend.

Christina said...

I just know that the dresses are going to be beautiful. My favorite are the pearls, but also love the rhinestones in the last picture. They all look great though, so I'm sure whatever you all choose will be beautiful.

Awww, what a fun birthday party. What little girl wouldn't love a tinkerbell cake. Wonderful.

Look forward to seeing all the wedding stuff as the days go by.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I love being able to share in your is so exciting! Those flowers at the waist look so elegant...I'm a pearl person & think of them as very 'Bridal', but I do like a bit of 'bling' too..that's a toughie!!!

What a fab birthday party too...

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh ML Sweetie...
Hug sto you and what a beautiful job on the dresses. Now I am a bling girl, and I do love rhinestones, but I sure do love the softness of the pearls with the flowers. I can't wait to see the complete finished look, because the peak is stunning. I love the darts I am seeing. Oh how beautiful.

Happy Birthday to your sweet princess. What a beautiful job her Mom did with her party. It looks so magical, even us grown up Tinkerbells would have loved to attended.

I hope you are well sweet friend. I think of you so often. Many hugs and much love sweetie, Sherry

Joyce said...

Hope I am never too old to have a Fairyland party:-) The cake was awesome. Pearl or bling? Not sure if you will see the pearls? Although pearls are always a classic. Keep sewing because if you blink the big day will be here. I was so busy when my daughter walked down the aisle that my friend ran up to me after the ceremony and put some lipstick on me. Totally forgot the lips as I did not want to get any on my daughters dress with last minute primping. Guess I forgot to put lipstick on my TO DO list:-) Enjoy all the planning and doing.


Love the aqua and the peek at the dress!
Fun birthday party.