Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally...The Fruits of Our Labor

The night was a perfect success and will be remembered for many years to come, I feel.  A big thank you to all those who worked so hard to make it come to pass. 

I hope you can see the picture of Christ on this "Living room" table.  Everything we do really comes from our desire to be followers of Him, and serve our families, neighbors and communities as He has asked of us. 

My display, below:

Because a couple of you told me (in my last Post) that you remembered the "sprinkle tops" always being put into soda bottles, I went back to the Antique Shop and found this old 7-up bottle... just to make it more authentic.  Thanks, girls.  : )
This dress reminded me so much of the beautiful costumes from 'Downton Abbey'!

The program in the auditorium was just amazing.  Many stories from Relief Society members, from decades past, were represented.  It was all so impressive.

The food committee out-did usual!!!  Wow!

We were so pleased with the turn out and love we felt amongst the "Sisters" there that night. 
Including my own sweet girl!
We gave out about 50 of these aprons to the ladies who have lived in the area for about four decades and have given so much to the Community and Relief Society over the years.  We had them stand at the end. 

"If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one anothers feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." John 13:14-16
 Art by J. Kirk Richards
 I've really missed Blogging, but now you know where I've been. : ) M.L.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks and sounds like a fun and successful event. Thanks for sharing it all with us. You have been a busy lady.

Christy said...

What a cool event!

marie said...

Looks like it was a marvelous event!! I've been to R.S. programs in the past and have enjoyed them very much.

I love all the decor and props in this one. Looks like lots of work...and lots of fun! And it's always extra-special when a daughter is involved!

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like it was so much fun! And a lot of work! Always good to have these kinds of things done and finished. My lesson last month was on the Guardians of the Hearth. Love that phrase. Wish I could have seen your fun event in person! Mimi

Scrappi Sandi said...

How I wish I could have been there...I love anything related to social history & you girls certainly pulled out all the stops!! I have so enjoyed scrutinising each picture to glean as much as possible!! I bet those aprons will be treasured & become family heirlooms themselves! That is such a gorgeous photo of you & 'your girl' too! TFS! :D

vivian said...

I wondered how your event had turned out. Looks like it was very successful and honored women thru the years just like it was intended to do! a lot of time an energy! I love all the vignettes of vintage home life.
great job! and Welcome back to blogging!

Brenda said...

What a fun event! Thanks for sharing!
I love it all! What talented fun women! Happy Mother's Day!

Shelia said...

What a wonderful event! It sounds like it was a total success! Wish I could attend something like this! I know all your hard work paid off! Your daughter is beautiful like her mother! :)
Be a sweetie and Happy Mother's Day.
Shelia ;)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

How wonderful everything turned out! From the decorations to the food, it was a top shelf event!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

You've been busy! Love all those tempting, tasty treats! Sounds like it was a lot of fun, despite the work (the work was probably fun too, though).

Town and Country Gals said...

What a great looking event! The displays and the food looked amazing! So glad you visited so I could find you! I've been taking a little break but am getting back into it soon. I'll be back to visit!

Perfectly Printed said...

My goodness!! What wonderful pictures! How nice to honor the women from the past!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh....quite the production for all of this to happen!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes. {Can't wait for Downon Abbey to start again!} And the food? Holy Moly. This is awesome. So happy you shared it with us; what an honor.

Ioana-Carmen said...

ImagiMeri said...

I've never heard of this cool. Where was this held? Did you do all that work? Wow, that is some set up....congratulations on a job well done.


Mimi said...

HI!!WHAT A GREAT Event to be a part of.....I bet it was so fun to go to, I know how much work events like this are...but I am sure everyone LOVED it, and what A great thing to show all the young women!!!
Loved all the old things!!!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

By Nela said...

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Aledia said...

What a fantastic event!! So many beautiful items to look all the clothes and everything is displayed just perfectly!

Thank You for your recent visit to my blog and for leaving me a sweet comment on my Mothers Day Tablescape!

Have a wonderful week!!

Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Sandy said...

What a wonderful post! And so many wonderful photos of a past era or two! :) It looks like everyone had a wonderful time....good to see you again! Sandy

ferry runo said...
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GrandmaBev said...

You did a wonderful job. I know you are all glad it is through. I loved seeing all the pictures.