Friday, January 18, 2013

Sara's Vintage Radio Makeover

I'm in love with this little pink number my daughter, Sara, has in their apartment. 
However, it didn't start out PINK!
I'm so proud of her for taking this very economical vintage find and turning it into one of the coveted pink retro radios.
She actually just spray painted it with a can of pink paint she purchased at JoAnn's.
Well done, Sara!!!
Sara's blog is mostly a fashion blog about thrift store makeovers and how to put things together.  You can find her here.  : )
And now for some photos of Sara's big sister's latest creations.  Ha!  : )
These first two pics are of little tiny Kate.

This last one is of little Nora.  I'm so pleased to share that Kate is now over 5 lbs. and Nora is now over 7. 
SWEET DREAMS little ones.  : )


marie said...

Love this pink radio! I stopped by Sara's blog...her clothes are so cute! And speaking of cute...Kate and Nora sure are!
Thanks for sharing some new photos!

Sara SHOEmaker said...

Awww mom you featured me!!! Thank you so much that is so sweet of you :) Thanks for putting so many fun photos of my radio up too! OOooh and of course the twins oh goodness I need to hold them!

ImagiMeri said...

The radio is stinkin' adorable, and I'm so happy about the update on the twins....I'm keepin' em in my prayers.


Jacqueline said...

The wonder of it all! Those precious baby girls! What a miracle times two!
I have missed you so much but figured with wedding bells and babies you have had your hands full. Life must feel so complete to you now. I'm very happy for you!

I'll go and visits Sara's blog for sure. I love idea blogs and this cute idea for the vintage radio is wonderful. What kind of paint did she use? I'm thinking that acrylic paint would peel maybe? I'll go to her blog and ask Sarah.

Much love and happy January. I had a birthday this weekend and it was so grand and so special! 54 here I come!!!

Mimi Sue said...

Those babies are just so darn cute! So much fun for their big sisters too I'll bet. Love that radio and what a great idea. I'm on the lookout for one now. Sarah certainly takes after her mother in the creativity department! Mimi

VintageBettys said...

Awww she is so sweet:) I am officially a grandmom now!!! It's wonderful!!! Baby Thomas is 5 days old today!! I love that makeover of the radio...I'm going to have to do that with mine :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Mary Lou! My goodness! Look at those little angels! They are precious! You've had some wonderful things happening in your life, dear friend. So happy for you!:) Lori

Elizabeth Andrus said...

What blessings for your new year! I think it is the most wonderful experience for a mother to see her own daughter in her first footsteps as wife and mother. What sweet faces to love! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

Hi Grandma!!!! Wonderful little pink packages of joy!!! Santa was good to you!!!! Your home looked so festive at Christmas....I am SO happy for you and this time in your life!!!! Hugs, Sandy

Linda Bouffard said...

Darling. I'll have to be on the lookout for this old radio when I go to tag sales! Would love to have you link this to What to do Weekends Party also. Thanks for sharing. Linda