Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom...(AND SIS.) : )

My sister was able to take the day off this Wednesday so that we could take care of some business for our mom, have lunch together, and then take over my regular Wednesday schedule for me. Thanks so much Sis. !

Due to some circumstances, I spent most of Saturday, Monday and Tuesday with my mom. During these days we were able to finish the mirror project and her floral arrangement. As mentioned last week, my mom wanted the inner ring of her mirror to match her new candlesticks (below).

We ended up using this kit to get the antique look that we wanted. However, I wonder if it would have been cheaper to try the 'Rub and Buff' I keep hearing about in Blogland. Next project maybe.

Anyway, I was happy with the end result. So was Mom. : )

Last time we were at Hobby Lobby together, my mom spotted these rust colored roses and just had to get them. So we put them with some yellow ones she already had and here's what we came up with. : )

All in all, I think it makes a pretty setting.


Cindy said...

Wow! You really made the whole arrangement look wonderful! The yellow roses look so much fresher with a new arrangement and the rust roses mixed in. You are amazing with how much you do for Mom and how beautifully decorated you keep your house. Super Woman!

AndreaLeigh said...

very pretty setting! i wish my mom was closer so we could work on projects together. :(