Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom AND...Getting Ready For the Summer Holidays

That's me in the little red dress. The girls in our family affectionately call it "the Cheerios dress". If you look in the photograph below this one, you will see Diana and June wearing theirs. I remember looking at them in a box when I was little and could hardly wait to grow into them!!!
Here, below, it was finally my turn...YEA!!!

Since Memorial Day is Monday and then the 4th of July will be just over a month after that, I thought I would go ahead and change my Header now. I finally finished dressing Annie. : )
As promised, my two beautiful Santos gals are holding a banner between them to help celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Most likely I will be wrapping up my 'Wednesdays With Mom' next week with some of my favorite photos of the things we did together on Wednesdays since blogging. I've SO enjoyed sharing all of our Wednesday Adventures with you since 2008. Things have changed dramatically in the last couple of months and I feel it's time to bring this feature to a close with only occasional updates. I will explain more in my 'Wrap-Up' Post next week.
I'll try not to skip my weekend Post this week. Last week was such a blur that the weekend just whizzed by!
Happy Wednesday,
Mary Lou


Tami said...

Hope all is going well with your the story about yout "Cherrios" dress.

Have a wonderful week!

Sandra said...

Love the summer/patriotic header...I need to go dig my summer stuff out of storage and get decorating. Thanks for the your Santo's and Raggy Anne!

Hope your mom is comfortable and enjoys seeing the family too.

Anonymous said...

Your new header photo with all of your creativity is beautiful. I love seeing you in the little dress too.
I continue to keep you and your Mom in my heart and prayers. Sending a hug, Mildred

Jessabells said...

Thank you so much for sharing Wednesday with your mom with us all. It is so great that there were so many pictures and memories that you have with your family. I hope all is as well as can be with your mother. You are in my heart and prayers.

GrandmaBev said...

Love your new header. Love the old photoes and the story about your dress. Clothes can bring back such memories. Have a wonderful week.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary Lou, Miss you in blogland, but I so understand how difficult it has been for you and your family regarding your Mom. My Mom is so precious to me, she's a big part of my life too. Much blessings are sent to your Mom. Absolutely love your new banner on your blog, our styles seem to be alike . . Annie is a cutie . . can't have too many dolls. I've an addiction. You have some wonderful memories with your family, the pics are great. Lots of hugs to you Mary Lou. Sandy:O)

Annabelle said...

I love all your patriotic decorating! I'll miss "Wednesdays With My Mom" but I completely understand. God Bless y'all. :)

Allie and Pattie said...

Oh Mary Lou- I have SO enjoyed those Wednesdays with your Mom. Please do keep us posted when you can- she and all of you are in our prayers
xoxo Pattie and Allie

Sandy said...

What wonderful photos! I love that Cheerio dress! I know things have been harder with your Mom since she had the problem with her hip....I hope she is comfortable where she is right now....I just love your vintage red, white and blue themed banner and decorating! How fun! Take care ML! Sandy

Darlene said...

I love your Cherrio dress and you must have been so excited when you finally got to wear yours. I LOVE your new header and both of your Santos ladies. I am still waiting on mine to arrive.

You and your Mom are in my prayers and I hope she is doing alright.♥

marie said...

Your header, as always, is wonderful! It's perfect for Flag Day too (June 14). Speaking of perfect ~ how perfect is that Cheerios dress!! I can understand why you were anxious to have tyour turn to wear them. What a wonderful summer dress.

I have truly enjoyed Wednesdays with your Mom and I've been so blessed by your sweet posts about her. She so obviously loves and is loved in return. I'm looking forward to next weeks visit with her!

Have a joy-filled week!!
Hugs to you and your sweet Mom.


Your dress is so sweet :)
I'll miss your Wed W/Mom...however you need to do what is best for you. Thank you for sharing your Mom with us. Maybe you could give her a HUG from the blogland gals :)
Love your new header/banner!!! and your 4th decor. That is one holiday that I don't have any decor or...maybe I'll find something tomorrow at the city wide garage sales...
Take care!!!
Deb :)

RACHELLE said...

i am so jealous of the bike picture!

that is sooo sweet. To have a memory recorded like that!


vivian said...

I hope everythings ok with your precious mother. I'm gonna send up a prayer.. just to be sure..
you were adorable in that sweet little dress. loved the pictures and I love your patriotic decorations! I'm not sure when I'll put mine out.. but Im excited just thinking about it!

My name is PJ. said...

It's fun to see a vintage shot where you look like you! And the kids are all getting older!

I love your patriotic display! And the wagon with the Annie in it is EXTRA SPECIAL!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Thinking of you, your family and your beloved Mom. I hope all is well.
I love your Old Glory header/ have inspired me to get out all my Red, White and blue itmes for the summer.
The cheerio dresses are amazing!!!
Take care, Suz

Sue said...

Great memories shared, thankyou.I too had a few outfits my sister wore, and I couldnt wait to wear,and mum made them for us! It is quite different now, my kids wouldnt let me sew for them now!
I understand youre mum is going through tougher times,but she is so lucky to have her family around her.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful photos. I will miss your posts of all of these great family pictures.

Diva Kreszl said...

I shall miss your visits with Mom but please know that I am holding her in my prayers!

Mimi said...

I will miss t8is wednesday tradition, your Mom is beautiful inside and out, she is such a fine example of love for her family.
I look forward to more updates and new pics
Happy Memorial Day
and hugs to both of you

Creative Breathing said...

I knew this day would come Mary Lou. It has been such a wonderful journey you have shared. These are the days my family finds itself with my mother-in-law as well. Our good days with her are so treasured. I hope yours are blessed as well. Your new banner is as lovely as I expected it to be. I always leave my visits here with a smile. Thank you for that! Elizabeth

Mimi Sue said...

Oh my goodness. The dresses are cute but those bikes! I'd love to have one of them now. Vintage goodness. Love all your patriotic stuff. Don't forget in between Memorial Day and the 4th is flag day. Another excuse for the red white and blue. Mimi

Jenny said...

I love your new header, it is so patriotic.

Jacqueline said...

Can I come over and just sit down and be your friend. I like you, your life, your heart, your mom and all that you do to make this blog POP.

Your little dress and bare feet...oh so cute. You have given me a good dose of charm this morning.

I've had a tough week...a rotten egg type of a week...I'm back however...RECOVERED and ready to blog!

Love sent friend to friend...You hold that side of the wishbone and I'll hold the other.


Deb said...

Love your new header. Praying for your Mom and your family!

sanjeet said...

Hope your mom is comfortable and enjoys seeing the family too.
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