Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom , PLUS...some fun furniture makeover ideas

This pic was taken in 1963, I believe. Notice my dad's flip-flops. He used to buy us brand spanking new ones at the beginning of every Summer. One of my favorite memories!!!
June was able to join Sara and me at the end of our visit last week. : )
Then over the weekend, Emily and the two little Princesses came with me to visit "G.G.". What a treat!!!

A long time ago, my mom taught all of us how to get our hair to grow fuller...all you do is "brush" your fingernails back and forth for a bit each day (Emily is reminding her grandmother of this, below). I have a lot of memories of my dad watching TV while he did this and he always had a beautiful head of hair. : )
Below, my mom hugging the little black puppy that the girls brought to G.G. while she was in the hospital.
Mom reading my Mother's Day card, below.

And Princess G. putting "Nathan's" hat back on. : )
I've always loved just about everything Better Homes and Gardens has published. This (below) is one of my favorites. It's published quarterly.
Here's a couple of GREAT ideas for furniture makeovers. You can click on the pics to make them bigger and actually read the instructions.

Attention Tami and Holly: I once described this piece of furniture (below) to both of you in comments I left. Now, here's the photo to go with. : )
See these two white Nightstands, below? Look what they did with them for someone's Workspace! Genius!!!

Here's the "AFTER" (below) in blue. Great idea!!!
Happy Wednesday,
Mary Lou


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet photo of your parents and I love your memories of the flip flops.
It's nice to see that smile on your Mom's face in the picture with the puppy. Looks like she was surrounded by lots of love. God bless each of you.

Sue said...

Looks like your mum is being given lots of love and attention, great to see.So sweet!

Lorraine said...

I am glad that your mom is improving. My girls have some of those same "paper" dolls. Aren't they just so much fun!

Allie and Pattie said...

I'm so glad that things are picking up for your Mom. I absolutely love these posts keeping us updated. You're all in my parayers ML
xoxo Pattie

Designer outdoor furniture said...
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marie said...

I love that sweet smile! What a dear woman ~ I'm so glad that she's doing better.
It's wonderful that she has so many who love her.
That photo of your parents is great ~ love the flip flops and your mom looks so beautiful in it.

Thanks for sharing the furniture do overs. I love the nightstand idea. What a great work area that makes.

Have a wonderful day!

Designer outdoor furniture said...

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Love those old photos of Mom and Dad...such a good looking couple.
I do hope Mom is getting better each day. I love the "growing fuller hair" tip!!
Furniture makeovers? awesome...I love those too!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Mary Lou,

Your mother is so lovely, and yes she looks much better now, maybe happier, safer? The furniture ideas were sure cute.

Have a lovely day missy,

Deb said...

Love that first photo of your parents, Mary Lou. Was it taken in Arizona?

It looks like your mom had a full house on Mother's Day. I'm glad! And I always love to see the little activities you come up with for your mom to enjoy. The magnetic paper dolls are a great idea!

Enjoy your week! xo

My name is PJ. said...

Your mom does look good. I'm sure her happy face is reflecting all the love that comes her way from you guys!

Those furniture makeovers are great! I have an old small dresser that would be the perfect candidate!

Diva Kreszl said...

I remember new flipflops each summer too :) that picture of your parents is so sweet. I am thrilled to know Mom is back in her own comftorable surroundings, I shall continue to hold her in my prayers!

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Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Mom does look wonderful and happy to see you all. How fun it must have been to see your brother doing what he loves and being recognized for all his effects and accomplishments.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Elizabeth

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Mary Lou, it's good to see that your Mom gets alot of company . . means so much to them to be remembered. At least one of us kids, always call and check on my Mom and Dad daily . . their like our children to us. What a great pic of your Mom and Dad . . flip-flops too cute. They both made such a wonderful childhood for you guys . . good memories. I like the pink MOM frame. Thanks for sharing the furniture makeover ideas. Happy Tuesday! Sandy :O)

1 Funky Woman said...

What a beautiful picture of your parents! Your mother couldn't have a more wonderful group of people caring for her, what a great family she has! I will be trying the rubbing nails together to get thicker hair, love that!

mb said...


I think these pieces are so cute! I might want to try something creative for my new family room. I'm really wanting a cute storage item for my quilts/pillows. These give me some ideas!

Annabelle said...

So glad your Mom is feeling better & that y'all had a fun Mother's Day. Love the table ideas. :)

Creative Breathing said...

Mary Lou, Your flip flop story is a treasure! I am so glad your mother is back home. I haven't posted, but we are in crisis modes since Mother's Day with my mother-in-law. She so reminds me of your Mom, a trooper in every way. Prayers to both for speedy recoveries. Elizabeth

ByTheSea said...

Such a loving family.. you guys should be so proud. I am glad your mom is doing better, take care


GrandmaBev said...

Loved all the pictures of your Mom. Glad she's improving.

Amy said...

Your mom does look so good! She has the sweetest smile. Looks like you guys had a great visit.

RACHELLE said...

oh she is sooo pampered! she looks so perty in her dress. love that picture! i am so happy she is happy there. never meat you in person but love you and your family!!!! your kindness and goodness eminates from you all!


Amy said...

Mary Lou...your post today reminded me how lucky I am to have my mom here to care for. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and my patience falls by the wayside. The love you have for your mom uplifted me today.


Mimi Sue said...

You are so lucky to have such great pics of your parents! Love them all. Glad mom is feeling and looking a little better. I do love that bhg magazine. So many cute ideas. Mimi

Mimi said...

Hi Marylou!!!
Oh how sweet MOMMA looks on Mother's day!!!her day to be loved and reminded what a great asset she is to her family.
She has the greatest heritage of knowing this family is together and made by her!!!God created all of you because of her faithfulness to him!!!!
She looks wonderful, love that pic of your Mom and Dad, love the flip flops, I too had those kind of flip flops, I think we called them zories or something weird like that!!!
Glad you had a fun mother's day with the ones you love!!!!
Hugs to you my sweet friend,

The Tablescaper said...

Such lovely sweet memories. It is so hard to see them get older - not easy. Thankfully we have memories.

That looks like a great magazine. Thanks for sharing some of their ideas.

- The Tablescaper

Scrap for Joy said...

Our Mothers have something in common-great legs! (I don't know whose legs I have-a pianos I think!) I'm sure your Mom was happy on Mother's Day, surrounded by those she loves. I hope she continues to progress...Coldwater misses her!
I always love to visit here ML and I love it when you visit me. Just wish we could chat and laugh together again.
I love BHG, too! Have you seen their new Flea Market magazine...lots of fun ideas!
Have a good weekend!

Karena said...

Amazing post... very heartwarming, and I love the furniture makeovers!!

Giveaway by Beth Cosner Design is up on my site....come visit!

Art by Karena

Deb said...

Prayed for you and your precious Mom. So glad she's doing better where she's at now...and look at the sweet smile she has!!!

Tami said...

I so happy that you all have such a great place for your mom to heal well!!

Love the idea of a printed fabric or paper on the front of the drawers it is so adorable!! What a memory you have to remember that you told me abou that. Thanks!!

Thank you for the sweet comments about the runner too!!

conservatories said...

Take care of your Mom :)