Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Hot Air Balloon Theme Baby Shower

Time for another Shower in our family...
I used chalk on black butcher paper for the sign. 


Now for the big announcement...  the Shower was for my baby, Sara!!!! 
Most of you will remember how I posted, for months, the planning leading up to her wedding back in 2010.  Some people teased us that it was the "Wedding of the Century".  Ha!  If you're new here and want to see all the fun, you can go HERE. 

When Sara told me she was having a little girl, she said, "Get ready for tutus and glitter up to the Wazoo!"  WE CAN'T WAIT!!!  : )


Scrap for Joy said...

You could easily be an event, I'm serious. You always plan and execute the "funnest" parties! Congratulations to Sara and her husband on their upcoming blessed event. Another girl in the family.....ruffles galore! You must be in seventh heaven Mary Lou!
I am so sorry that there was no time for yes in January. We got a lot accomplished and all spent treasured time together and that was important. Now we are preparing to move ourselves. This is a very busy year!
Miss you girl!

marie said...

This has got to be the happiest shower I've ever seen! Joyce is right...event planning for sure!
Congratulations to the new parents! Tutus and glitter...what fun!

Mimi Sue said...

Super uper cute!! Love it all, but mostly I love that Sara is having a baby girl! Tutus and glitter, ruffles and pink! Congratulations to all of you! Mimi

vivian said...

Congratulations!! so exciting isnt it? I love how you did the shower, all looks perfect.. of course! And I remember all the wedding planning.. isnt that how its supposed to be? I have an upcoming wedding also.. in sept 2015... lots of time to save money.. well, really not enough time! lol!
have a great weekend

ImagiMeri said...

Okay, now I'm gonna have to use some of these ideas! Just a few more weeks and we'll find out the sex of the baby and then I can go crazy with a party, too. My son in law is afraid it's going to be a girl, too, and if so it definitely will be time for tons of glitter, crowns, wands and even some tutu's.