Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Blessing Dress

Well, our little McKenzie arrived safe and sound in April. We love her to death already!!!
Sara choose this beautiful ivory lace (with shiny satin underneath).  I made the dress for her. 
Above, McKenzie on her blessing day. 

Nana loves her little McKenzie Jane!
Below, you may remember the blessing dresses I made for the twins last year.  Same pattern, different fabrics (plus a little collar on McKenzie's).
Hi little Kate & Nora.
And... just a little eye-candy to make you smile today!  : )

Welcome to the world little precious one.


marie said...

Eye candy indeed! Such sweet blessings you have there. They're beautiful little girls!
Thanks for sharing an update ML!

Carol said...

What a pretty dress for a beautiful baby girl! I love her name!


Scrap for Joy said...

The dress is as beautiful as the others you lovingly made. What a precious baby! Is the lace of Sara's top the same as the blessing dress? (You know how nebby I am, ML!) I know you have a happy, full life and I'm very happy for you but boy-o-boy, do I ever miss your posts. This has always been an inspiring place to visit and you are a wonderful blog writer.
We are really getting ready to move...our house is about ready to out on the market and then we wait and see. We are tired and sore but excited about this new chapter about to unfold.
Enjoy your girls...all 7 (right?) of them!

vivian said...

another beautiful little girl! such a sweet blessing... to add to the other sweet blessings in your life! How lucky they all are that you can sew those beautiful little dresses for them.
I have a new grand daughter coming very soon too.. she is scheduled for a c section on july 2nd! unless lillianna decides she wants to come sooner.. !
have a great day

Debbie Huffaker said...

Congratulations, Nana! The dress is gorgeous. You are so talented!

Mimi Sue said...

How did I miss this post? Beautiful dress! Love the lace. And all the adorable accessories. Your little family is getting bigger and bigger. And this grand girl is so precious! Enjoy. Mimi

Chandra said...

Absolutely adorable! I'm here by way of your daughter's blog. I just HAD to pop on over. I'm gather that you are an amazing seamstress. I was trying to find your ABOUT sections, but had no luck. At any rate, I subscribed via Bloglovin' sew (hehe) I won't miss out on your posts!

Can you tell me what pattern you used on the dress?

More Modern Modesty

Liz said...

So I'm behind the times but congrats on a new grandbaby. You are so talented with your mad skills! I love the name--if we ever have a girl that's always been one of my top two choices.

Celyn PS said...

oh gosh the babies are so precious! and those dresses?? gorgeous!!!

Imogen said...

This is too beautiful and incredible for words. Wow I am so impressed.

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