Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our New IKEA Kitchen (in progress)

Super Excited about all the changes happening over here at The House of Whimsy!
Here are some "before" pictures, first:

First set goes up...minus the crown molding at the top (next Post).
We took out the "Pony Bar-Counter or "Peninsula".(Below)

We LOVE our new Quartz Counter tops!

All Pull-out shelves.  Yay!!!

Next Post, how Mr. House of Whimsy made our new Island by putting three Ikea cabinets together.  What a manly-man!!!  : D


Gayle said...

I have a friend who put in a new IKEA kitchen - the drawers were her favorite part - this looks SO nice - you're going to love it!


Very NICE!! Friends of ours redid their kitchen with IKEA also and it's awesome!
Nice to see a new post.

vivian said...

Yeah your back! how exciting a new kitchen is! and how lucky you are that mr. whimsy is so so handy! looking forward to more pics!
nice to see you!
PS.. how are those twinzies!?

Scrap for Joy said...

So many people are doing IKEA kitchens....lots of designers, too! They make a good product. My new craft room is almost entirely IKEA pieces. (Think it would be nice if I returned to blogging??) i can't wait to see the island...we're considering one, too. I'm slowly working David into painting our cabinets white. Keep up the good work.

Sandy McClay said...

So nice to see you here! We must talk...I want to do my kitchen with these cupboards...:) Please email me...OK?

marie said...

Love the new look! Those counter tops are wonderful! And your pantry is awesome!!
My daughter is planning an Ikea kitchen...she'll definitely want to take a peek at your blog post!

Mimi Sue said...

So so cute!! We installed our kitchen too and it was kinda fun. Love the glass in the uppers. Mimi

Liz said...

Those look great! I want some. :)