Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

Look who became a Mommy and a Daddy! Number 1 of five sister, Diana. So Cute!!!
My dad LOVED making his children and grandchildren laugh. : )
Today was a slow day, but I got a big job done. Remember when I painted this small ledge brown for my mom because it was bothering her?
Well, she decided that the trim around the cabinets in the kitchen would look better if they had that same brown trim. I'm not sure I understood it, but it doesn't matter. It made her VERY happy, so I was glad I could do it.

And since we're on the subject of kitchens, this is what ours looked like Easter Sunday.
I didn't go all out like some years, but the girls got a kick out of it and snapped lots of pictures.



Tami said...

Awww...cute pics! The brown trim in the kitchen looks great! Love your Easter table.....the plates brought back memories I use to have the same plates when we first got married.

Have a beautiful day!

Darlene said...

What cute photos with baby number 1.....awwwww

The cabinet trim looks great. Sometimes the smallest things are what bring people the greatest joy. Glad that you were able to bring your mom that joy.

CUTE Easter table. I LOVE everything about it!

Also, you KNOW I would notice that you changed out your header. It is just always! LOVE it!!♥

Cami and Dustin said...

Great pics of Grandmother and Grandfather! Good job on painting the trim, she is so particular. And the table looked so cute for Easter!

Cindy said...

You are so amazing with Mom's wants and needs! You did a super job and I know she loves it. Those pictures are so cute of Diana. Your Easter table looks so springy.

Beth at Aunties said...

Darling picture of your dad and baby Diana.
The edging did make a difference and if we can do even small things to bring our parents joy in the twilight years...why not? You are a wonderful example to all of us going through this time in our lives.
Your Easter looked delightful!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Those are precious photos of your sister and dad! I love how much it really captures the moment.

jenjen said...

Pretty Easter table. I love that big bunny!

You are such a good daughter!


Anonymous said...

Me thinks your Mom was right about that dark brown. ;) Sets the edge really well.
Those are lovely pics of your Mom and baby. ;)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Awwww I am glad it made her are such a great daughter. That table is gorgeous. Great bunny. cherry

Small House said...

You are so good to your mom! I love reading about it. AND HOW ADORABLE was your Easter table. What a lucky family. I think my kids thought I dropped off the planet.

Have a great day.

Mimi Sue said...

Your sister was a very cute baby. Love to see those old pictures. I think the brown trim is lovely. It really outlines the cabinets. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Love the little cottages on your table. Mimi

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

YOU are such a good daughter to your mom! I think she keeps coming up with these little projects for you to make sure you stay at her place as long as possible LOL!

I love your Easter table arrangement. Lovely and springy.

Now I see your dad was a very handsome man too, wasn't he?



Scrap for Joy said...

Hi! The pictures of your parents with your sister are so cute. People don't use baby "coaches" anymore do they? I loved the line "It made her very happy, so I was glad to do it." It brought a lump to my throat. Isn't that what it's all about? No ballerina's that day?

AnneYarbs79 said...

I love, LOVE your Wednesday posts!The picture of your daddy making your sister smile is priceless! I have an almost identical photo of my father-in-law with our oldest daughter. He has recently passed away, and that picture is up in her room and always reminds me of how much joy he brought our family.

creative breathing said...

I missed this Wednesday because I was out of town. The photos of your parents over the buggy looking at their beautiful daughter is so achingly sweet. I truly think that is the best joy on earth. Thank you so much for sharing. Elizabeth

Ms. Tee said...

Awww, how sweet that you did the brown trim for your mom. :) And your Easter table is adorable. COngratulations to your sister!