Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom...AND Sara's new dress!

I just had to show this one first today. I wish my mom would have saved those masks. They're awesome!
Some of you have asked where I fit in, in my family. Well, I ended up being the caboose. So, my mom is expecting my brother, Steve, here.
Last Wednesday was a most unusual day. When I arrived at my mom's Home Care facility, my mom was sleeping. Sam, the caregiver (along with her husband, Roger) asked if I could run and pick up some things Mom was out of. So I ran to Walmart, Costco, home to pick up my sewing machine and then to my mom's storage unit to find her previous comforter and pillow shams. She had really been missing them.

The only problem is, that I left the nice chart that my SIL made with all the box numbers and contents listed on it at home. Stubborn me did not want to go back home again, so I thought I would just start opening boxes to find it. HUGE MISTAKE. I probably opened twenty heavy (and stacked) boxes before finally finding it.
The reason I picked up my sewing machine was so I could turn this Queen sized comforter into a twin. But Sam said, "Let's just use it as a bedspread and call it good." Thank you Sam!!! I had to laugh when I opened one of the boxes to find this book, This Too Shall Pass, staring at me. So I snapped a photo. : )
Since I didn't snap any pics of my mom last week, I thought I would include this adorable one of my sister and mom at the Zoo (from last Friday). What an angel she was to take her and push the wheelchair that day.
A couple of Summers ago we got on this Amy Butler kick over here. We finally got around to finishing up this pattern.
The only change we made was to the sleeves. For some reason Sara didn't care for those little puffy capped sleeves, so we changed them out for the ones you see here. Sara did most of the work with some assistance here and there from me. Great job, sweetie!!
Also, that Summer, Sara picked up this pattern, below, along with some Amy Butler fabric.

Here's her bag, below. I like it even better than the one shown on the pattern.

I'll leave you with something to chuckle about today. Yesterday, Sara had an eye appointment. While in the waiting room she tapped my arm and whispered in a concerned voice, "Mom, look down that hall."
Then we both cracked up when she said, "Oh yeah, I's Halloween." Silly girl! : )
Have a good one!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Daughter Does Her Mother Proud

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Like mother, like daughter"? Well, when it comes to Holiday decorating, the saying applies to all my children. They've happily carried on the tradition of going ga-ga over the holidays. : ) We went out to my married daughter's place last weekend and here's what we were greeted with.

Also, last Saturday, we had these two little pumpkins over for awhile while Mommy and Daddy ran some errands. So...we colored some Halloween pictures.
Oh, notice the cute hair bows daughter made for the girls.

We watched one of our favorite Halloween shows, 'The Halloween That Almost Wasn't'. We've watched this every year since...almost forever. : ) Our other fun tradition is to watch 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken', with Don Knotts, while we carve our pumpkins. It's a "must-see"!
Grand finale where the Witch flies over the moon.
Next we made some Halloween cookies. YUM!!

Enjoying their work. : )
We are going to miss this little Trick-or-Treater this year. He is in London with his mommy and daddy. : ( Daddy is there working, and mommy is there going to school.

We love and miss you guys. The holidays won't be the same without you this year!!!
I'm behind in catching up on your Sites. Don't give up on me, I'll catch up over the weekend.
Have a great one!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesdays with my Mom and What I've Been So Busy With

Oohhh, what's this I see...another maternity top??? Looks like Steve is on the way. Look at these kiddos. You can't help but smile. And notice little June's perfect pose. So cute!!!
I think this is one of my all-time favorite photos of my dad. It's SO Mr.-All-American. Looks like Mom snapped this just as he was off to Work.
Time for another Lab test to see how some new Meds are doing. : (
When we got back to my place, Mom got a big kick out of my silly Halloween doll.

Well, in case you've noticed that my Shop is running a little low, here's what I've been busy doing. These seven pumpkins (below) were a special order for a gal up in the Northwest. Thanks, Cindy...and Cami, who showed my pumpkins to Cindy. : )

Hope you're having a great day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Spooky Little Tutorial

This project above, came from the magazine below.
On page 111.
As you can see, the two jars on the right came from Goodwill, but the third came from a half-off sale at Michael's.
I typed the word "Boo" in several fonts, but settled on this one which is called 'LD Type keys'.

I wanted the jars to look like they were on little pedestals, so I put them on glass candlestick holders. Also, I needed the candy corn to keep the papers in place.

Martha Stewart inspiration below...glitter up your skeleton heads for a more "bewitching" effect. Chris, over at 'Just a Girl', did this last year with her skull and bones and I LOVED it!
Next, I took a "Poison" label that I got from the "Graphics Fairy" and glued it onto an old bottle.

I got this idea (below) of putting the moon face on a clock from another Halloween magazine, but I can't remember which one.

Just a little poly stuffing in the glass to look like a foggy-brew of some sort.
Like I said last week...Happy Haunting. : )