Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Wrap Up

Here's a photo of the cake during daylight hours.
One more cute photo from the Engagement Shoot.

I thought it would be fun to throw this photo of my dad in here. This isn't the car in the photos above, but I got a kick out of how similar they were.

The thing Sara loved most about this vintage dress was the wonderful sweetheart neckline.
Because it came with this little bolero jacket, I was able to make the bodice the way Sara wanted it in the end.

A new skirt was made, as well.
The end result, below.

What a sweetheart you are, William. This is something Sara's Grandpa would have done for her Grandmother. I'd say this marriage is off to a good start. : )

Thank you for following Sara's and my fun adventure in planning this wedding. I can't get over how supportive everyone was. I'm grateful for all the cheerleaders (and help) we had along the way. : )
*This wraps up the Wedding Posts. If you're planning a wedding and want to see all of our plans from start to finish, just go over to the right side-bar under 'Labels', click on 'Wedding Plans' and it will show every single Post starting with this one and going back to the very first one. Good luck if you're just now starting your journey. We sure loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magic Under the Stars

Thanks for taking this first photo, Cindy. I really liked the lighting.

Aw, Photoshop!!! Thanks for slipping those "stars" in there Jessica. Completely awesome!!!
Finally...The Candy Shop.

As promised to a few, I cropped this photo so you could see the suit I wore that night. : )

First dance as "Mr. and Mrs.".

On their way to Happily Ever After...

One more Wedding Post after this, then that should wrap it up. : )

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Day

I hope you each had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for being patient about these wedding photos. : ) The following photos were taken during daylight hours, before the reception began that night.
Tables eventually had these platters, pearls and a picture of the bride and groom on each.

table, below:

A big thank you to our amazing photographers, Jessica and Chris, who so beautifully caught all the magic with photography that night.
My next Post will show more photos of this adorable "candy shop" and the festivities that night. You'll see why I called it "Magic Under the Stars". : )