Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Paint Your Dining Room Chairs in an Afternoon... your dinner guests won't know what a slob you really are.  Ha!!!
I've done this routine SO MANY times over the years, that I have it down to a system.  You only have to make this "template" once and then use it on every chair after that.  It works like a charm and saves a ton of time. 

After the chair was covered with the newspaper template, I then hung it with strong wire from this A-frame you see below (which had a huge tarp under it the day I did this project).  While it was hanging, I sprayed the legs of the chair.  Next, the chair came down onto the tarp and I sprayed the back.  No matter... that since I procrastinated, I had to do it the afternoon before the occasion in 125 degree weather (kidding)...but it felt like it!  However, SO WORTH IT!!
Just look at what a neat and tidy homemaker I appear to be.  Notice I didn't have the guts to take any "before" pics.  Umm...Wow!  Why do we ignore things like this until we're forced to see just how bad it really is???  Or am I the only one?  : (     Hope not!

The dinner was a total success!   What a wonderful evening... with wonderful company.  : )