Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cutest Little Piece of Furniture......EVER!

The 'House of Whimsy' is expecting two sets of "Company" in April...and my faithful followers know exactly what that means:
ML's world comes to a screeching halt while she tries to get her act together and hide the fact that she has ADD and is a slob most of the time. Hee-hee! : )
"Creative Minds" and all that............

Before you're done reading this Post you WILL understand why I had to bring this little beauty home from 'Home Goods' the other day.
Look what used to be in this space. (Old photo from old Post)

I just cannot stop photographing this little beauty. She's WAY too cute!!!

So I was watching Kate & Leopold the other day, when I noticed the gorgeous round mirror in "Kate's" apartment. It reminded me of the round mirror sitting in my garage that I purchased from Goodwill last year. I've just been waiting for the perfect home for it. The rest they history! : )

So, this is my "Yellow, White and Blue Room" that transforms from Craft Studio to Guestroom whenever the need arises.

Wow! My Studio has really "evolved" over the years.

Below, portable closet rack for guests. : )

So now you see why the little yellow beauty HAD to come home with me... right?... I thought so! : )
P.S. If you're just dying to see my entire Post about my Workspace/Studio go here.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Egg Carton Chicks

Last year I posted this AFTER Easter. So this year I wanted to Post this idea again, with plenty of time for all who wanted, to try it.

A BIG thank you to for this fun Easter craft idea. We sure appreciated it at our house!!!

Happy Spring!!!