Monday, November 4, 2013

Too Cute, Not to Share!

How could I resist sharing these with you???!!! These little "bugs" are growing like weeds.

Thanks to their big sisters (below), we got our front yard all decked out for the holiday this year.
Cute "Mr. House of Whimsy" was a big help, too! 

Below, all ready for the big night! 

Originally, they were all lined up, up the stairs.

Hope you had a good one this year!  : )

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a Little Cake I Made and Some Catching Up...

For the past several years my sweet friend, Erika, has made me a cake for my birthday. This year I thought I would try my feeble little attempt to return the kindness.
Those are actually 'Necco' wafer candies I cut in half to make the colored scallops.  Improvise, Improvise!  Ha!

I used this 6" Wilton spring-loaded pan I purchased from Jo-Ann's.  I was told later that this pan is actually intended for cheesecakes.  Good thing I put foil under it to catch the few drippings of cake mix that seeped out before it cooked.
And speaking of cakes...look at the IRRESISTIBLE little number that I picked up from our local grocery store, of all places.   It was on sale for $35.00 (which was a real splurge), but I just couldn't leave it there and not bring her home with me!!!


Last weekend we went up North to help celebrate two weddings in the beautiful niece you see here, above, and also her big brother (whose Open House was just three days earlier). 
This picture (above) means so much to me.  Those are my 1st husband's parents visiting with my (very handsome and adorable) new husband.  It was a wonderful visit!  They made him feel so comfortable and welcome. 
As some of you know, my daughter, Sara, has a Fashion Blog. So the first day I wore this new dress from 'DownEast Basics' she took me in the backyard and did a photo shoot like she does for all her posts.  It was kind of fun...but would have been more fun if I were a cute little 20-something-year-old like she is.  You can go here to see all of her amazing fashion posts.  : )

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST...  Here are our little miracle baby twins.  It's hard to believe they were so fragile when they were born last Christmas weighing only 3 and 5 pounds.  What a blessing they are to our whole family. 
I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer.  Ours has been crazy busy...    full of family, fun and love.  : )

Friday, May 10, 2013

Part II...Blessing Dresses Revealed

I can't believe how long it has taken me to get this Post made.  Ever since I got remarried last Fall, I feel like I've been on a runaway train...but a very happy train.  My family has doubled in size and so have all the activities that go with.  Never a dull moment around here!  : )

Aunt Sara took the following photos of the dresses and sweet babies.

"Hi, Aunt Sara!"  : )

Look how happy my beautiful daughter looks (above).  I''m so proud of her!
Above: The whole family of SIX, now!
Emily's friend, Nicole, recently snapped these of the girls one afternoon.  Soooo cute how they each took a turn flashing a big smile for the camera.

Nana holding little Kate.
One of these days I will return to the world of Blogging.  One of these days!!!  In the meantime, I hope you're all doing well!
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Sneak Peek of Two Little Blessing Dresses

We're having so much fun picking out all the details of these little dresses. I thought I would show you the process of making the diamond grid.  I just drew it on the back, with pencil, first. 
 Next, I ironed the lines I would be sewing on.  I thought I would sew all one direction first and then all the other direction, second...but I misjudged how much it would take to cut out two bodices.  Learn as you go!  : )

 I made these three little roses, below, but we're still deciding on that. 
 My younger daughter, Sara, took these photos of the little sisters recently.  Great job, girl!!  : )

                                                       Sweet Dreams!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sara's Vintage Radio Makeover

I'm in love with this little pink number my daughter, Sara, has in their apartment. 
However, it didn't start out PINK!
I'm so proud of her for taking this very economical vintage find and turning it into one of the coveted pink retro radios.
She actually just spray painted it with a can of pink paint she purchased at JoAnn's.
Well done, Sara!!!
Sara's blog is mostly a fashion blog about thrift store makeovers and how to put things together.  You can find her here.  : )
And now for some photos of Sara's big sister's latest creations.  Ha!  : )
These first two pics are of little tiny Kate.

This last one is of little Nora.  I'm so pleased to share that Kate is now over 5 lbs. and Nora is now over 7. 
SWEET DREAMS little ones.  : )