Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom

I love this photo of my parents with my wonderful Grandma H. (my dad's mother). I'm pretty sure that this was taken while they were engaged. Love those Hollywood sunglasses, Mom!

There's a sweet story behind this photo, below:
Sara said to me as I was leaving, "Mom, will you take a picture of Grandmother when you first walk in? I love how happy she is when you first arrive and she sees you." This one's for you, sweet Sara. : )
It was another "Frosty" kind of day.
Then we did some coloring on her puppy picture. My sister, June, said the two of them did quite a bit more a few days after this picture was taken, last week. She really seems to enjoy this activity.
And time for some more "brain games". : )

Cute "Hawkeye"!!! Sara just loves him on those recent Science shows he does on PBS. She's always saying how adorable he is (I'm pretty sure he's a Grandpa now). And if so, I'm sure he's one of the sweetest Grandpa's EVER!!!
I found this old pic in my files the other day and "doctored it up", just for fun.
You sure are a cutie, Princess G. :-D
I know I'm a day late getting this post out...blame it on Taxes!!!!!!! I hate tax time! It takes over your life for a few days while you TRY to get your act together. Or am I the only one? Probably so! : (
At least it's done for another year. Something to celebrate! : )

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's a Little Clue...

this picture below, that is! It's a clue to one of the fun things we did this week while my niece, Melanie, was here.
The girls wanted to see Alice in Wonderland, so I went along just to humor them. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The trailers had me concerned that I would leave feeling like I'd just been on a drug trip. But, nay!! I enjoyed every minute of it. The story line was actually quite clever.
So while enjoying the film, I was forming a diabolical plan for decorating my next glass bottle. See below:

I got the image from Google Images.

I was also remembering when each of my girls dressed up as 'Alice' for Halloween. Fun times!! : )

I asked the girls to pose for me after the movie. They happily obliged.

The whole reason we got to have Melanie at our home this past week was because her older sister, Julie, and her mom were going on a "Show Tunes Tour" during Spring Break. Yea for us!!!

One afternoon we decided to hit some great Shops in town (including Anthropologie). Please enjoy the next several photos, compliments of my Sara. : )

Silly Girl : )

I brought home these cute mugs and chicken timer from 'Anthropologie'.

Melanie has gone home now, but we sure had fun...going out to eat, watching movies, shopping and hanging out. We even made a craft while she was here, which I forgot to take a picture of, but it turned out very cute.
We miss you already, Melanie!
Aunt Mary Lou

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom

Today, I wanted thank my mom's little "fan club", who stop by here each week to check in on her. I originally started this little feature in 2008 for two reasons...first, for my brothers & sisters, my mother's grandchildren and great grandchildren. Second, to force myself to be consistent with my Wednesday visits. I knew this would keep me accountable and I've loved every minute of documenting these days together. So thank you for caring about her, too. : )
I thought I would highlight some pics of my sister, June, today because she had the week off from Work last week and was able to go to lunch with Mom and me.
And I didn't want my sister, Diana, to feel left out (she lives in another State). We wish you could have joined us last week, Diana!

What a great time the three of us had getting out together.
Below, explaining something important...I just can't remember what, now???
I can't believe what a good sport my mom has been for these last two years, when it comes to posing for me. She ALWAYS complies with my silly requests. Thanks, mom! : )
Remember my great motivation for cleaning the Guestroom/Studio last week? Well, here she is in all her adorable splendor!!! Cute, cute Melanie! I took this pic on Sunday. Her mom (my SIL) made this dress that looks just like it came out of an Audrey Hepburn movie.
We couldn't resist. : )
My next post will be all about our "Excellent Adventure" of a weekend...and beyond. Part of it involved this wonderful performance by Melanie's big sister, Julie's, school choir.
Have a good Wednesday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ahhhhhhhh...Much Better (II)

Hey...I've discovered the cure for procrastination!!!! All you have to do is post a promise out there on the World Wide Web...... then there's no turning back. Hee-hee!!! :-D

Okay, if truth be told...the title really should have read...'Somewhat Better', because I still have LOTS of bins full of supplies that still need to find a permanent home, but I made a good dent in the situation this week.

This tower shelf unit (below) used to be in the laundry room, but it wasn't being used efficiently and I had two, so I brought one upstairs. I got them a long time ago from a store that has since gone out of business. Sorry. : (
The "door" that now sits horizontal on stacking drawers came from the City Dump while we were there throwing away some of our junk, two visits ago. My thanks goes to the donor.

The little Lazy Susan, above, came from Pottery Barn (thanks to a gift card I had from my son and DIL...thanks you two!), but the little buckets to go into the slots were WAY overpriced, so I got these white ones from Target for $1.00 each.
Another one of my "inventions" made from something I got at the Thrift Store. Don't even try to get into my's WAY too scary in there! :-D

This (below) used to store shoes. Now it stores my bottle collection.
Can someone please tell me what my obsession with decorated bottles, is all about? Some of these, I have made, some are purchased (above). Why are they so charming? Do I have a sickness? Is there a cure? Again, a rhetorical question...don't answer!!

If you've been around for awhile, you'll remember how this "Guestroom" turns into a "Studio" when our friends and family go back home.

I have a new Secret Weapon. Would you like me to share it with you?

I wish I could take credit for this idea. I read about this system a long time ago in either Confessions of an Organized Housewife or...The Joy of Homemaking. Which ever one it was...thank you dear author! Normally, if I can't see it, I forget I have it or forget where it is.

BY THE WAY...this "roll-a-dex" came with all those cards. I promise I've only filled out a few so far.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my attempt to get a handle on the insanity around here. Thanks for all the encouraging comments and (personal confessions) about your craft spaces, too. : )