Monday, April 26, 2010

From the Files of...My Happy Book

See this angel book below? I bought it over ten years ago to make into "My Happy Book". I was receiving monthly issues of Victoria and Better Homes & Gardens at the time and there were so many lovely pictures in them that I thought I would tear out my favorites...put them in this book...and look at them any time my spirits need a lift.

These first sets are just some samples of what I already have in the book (with a few close-ups).

And these next single pics are ones I have waiting to go in.

You see...... makes you happy just to look at them!!! I may be sharing more "happy pictures" as time goes by. But I leave you now with a chuckle (sent via email from my brother).

Florida Biker Bar

Hee-Hee! : )
Have a good day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom AND...Something Fun to Share...Finally.

Well, it's been a long and trying week. When it was time for my mom to be discharged from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation facility, we tried SO hard to send her to our first choice. However, there were no beds available at that time, so she had to be sent to the next closest place. Without going into all the disappointing details...we decided it was in her best interest to transfer her to our first choice yesterday, when room opened up.
The difference is like night and day, to say the least, and I cannot tell you how elated I am to have her at the new place under such competent care! : ) I took this pic below, yesterday. I didn't ask Sara to pose for this...I just looked over, saw her comforting her Grandmother, and got my camera out.
Okay, onto the "something fun to share". Pottery recently put these numbered pillows on SALE...(did somebody say the magic word???) I ordered them immediately. Aren't they a riot?

And I thought I'd throw this photo in too, because I brought this cute birdie bowl home from 'Home Goods' a couple of weeks ago and it just makes me smile.
A sweet little story to share: When we were all growing up, my dad insisted that we never let our feet get cold. I really think this had something to do with being in the War. I know that soldiers are told to protect their feet at all cost and keep them dry and warm to protect their health.
Notice: We are all standing on folded newspapers (except I think Andy is wearing slippers or socks, behind me). Those papers were put there by a loving father who always wanted to protect his children in every way he could. Daddy...if you can read this in Heaven...thank you from the bottom of my heart. : )
My goofy little heart. : )
I'll be stopping by your places in the next few days to catch up...don't give up on me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom

I absolutely adore this photo of my parents, below. It was taken by a 'street photographer' one day as my parents were shopping in downtown Dallas. Thank you dear photographer. This photograph was taken after five children...and still in love. : )
These three collages, below, represent my mom's week in the hospital. Except we're missing pics of the days my brother and my sister-in-law came down. And also my oldest daughter, son-in-law and their two little pumpkins, who came by for a visit.

My mom is now in a Rehabilitation Center, now that the "cement" procedure has been done on her spine. It's been slow-going though and we're hoping her second day there will be more productive as far as physical therapy goes. Thank you everyone, who has prayed for our mother. It's in God's hands now and I trust Him completely.
Mary Lou

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We finally have a diagnosis as of this morning (Thursday). After three hours of MRIs on Tuesday, they have discovered that my mom has a hairline fracture in her hip and lower spine. The Dr. discussed all the options. He's thinking the one on the spine (due to Osteoporosis) is the real culprit. So tomorrow (Friday) we will discuss, with the spine specialist, the new procedure of injecting "cement" into the fracture to ease the pain. Apparently there has been a lot of success with this.
We've known about the Osteoporosis and she's been on supplements for quite sometime now, trying to ward off the negative effects. I'm just glad to have an explanation and thankful that they've been able to keep her comfortable, for the most part, at the hospital.

*I wanted to let you know that my siblings have been completely overwhelmed by the love and compassion reflected in your comments regarding our mother. Thank you so much for your sweet support and prayers. I'm sure they have helped.
No need to leave a comment on this update. I just wanted to keep my promise to 'update' as the info came in. : )

Thank you again,
Mary Lou

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom

Dear Friends, just dropping in to let you know my mom is in the hospital receiving many tests to see why a sudden pain in her lower right hip has made it painful for her to walk. They're testing everything to be sure. I PROMISE to keep you updated if anything changes, but in the meantime I will continue to be MIA in blogland. Our family is praying that she will be comforted, that her pain won't get too out of hand and that the doctors will be able to give us some answers soon. If you feel so inclined, we would love for you to add your prayers to ours.
Many thanks,
Mary Lou

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun at the Antique Mall, AND... Easter Memories

Look what Sara spotted right off the bat. She loves everything 'Vintage' right now!!!
Something needs to be done about those shoes...Dahhhhling!
Hey, cute idea!
Sara made me take this pic!

Front side of purse:
Back side of purse:

So, here's what we brought home with us, below.

Sara spotted this Ultra Vintage "looking" necklace and we just couldn't leave it there!!!

When my oldest daughter was in High School and before she was married or a mommy, she chose to be in our local Easter Pageant with some of her friends. We were very proud of her because it was a huge commitment that required countless hours of rehearsal and performances.
Then several years later, when Sara was in Jr. High, the two of us decided to follow Emily's example and join the Pageant that year. It was a wonderful experience!
Before a performance one evening, Sara asked the wonderful young man who played Jesus if she could get her picture with him. This young man had an adorable little family. His wife and little children participated too, that particular year. During the scene where "Jesus" is with the little children, each night his wife would emerge from the crowd, hand him his own baby boy to hug for a moment and kiss on the forehead. It brought tears to my eyes every time.
May you have a blessed Easter.
Illustration by Katherine Brown 1982