Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Spring!!!

Just letting Spring know that I am ready!!!

A little project: I got these letters super cheap at Walmart. But I needed them to be glittery pink. Not a problem that Martha Stewart and I can't fix!

When I bought these two chocolate-looking bunnies at JoAnn's last month, I knew immediately that I was going to string a banner between them. : )

AND THEN... I found this amazing architectural piece at our local antique store. The perfect setting for my bunnies! Not sure where it will end up one day.

I got this cute little Easter Cone at TJ Maxx.

Still having fun with my new Artist's Hand.These three little bunny fairies also came from TJM.

And lastly, I found this little apothecary jar at a local Thrift Store last night for only $4.99. I'd been wanting a tiny one for a while now. I LOVE the pastel eggs in it. But I need to go buy some more eggs to finish filling up the taller jar.

Oh I adore thee! : )

Wednesdays With My Mom...(AND SIS.) : )

My sister was able to take the day off this Wednesday so that we could take care of some business for our mom, have lunch together, and then take over my regular Wednesday schedule for me. Thanks so much Sis. !

Due to some circumstances, I spent most of Saturday, Monday and Tuesday with my mom. During these days we were able to finish the mirror project and her floral arrangement. As mentioned last week, my mom wanted the inner ring of her mirror to match her new candlesticks (below).

We ended up using this kit to get the antique look that we wanted. However, I wonder if it would have been cheaper to try the 'Rub and Buff' I keep hearing about in Blogland. Next project maybe.

Anyway, I was happy with the end result. So was Mom. : )

Last time we were at Hobby Lobby together, my mom spotted these rust colored roses and just had to get them. So we put them with some yellow ones she already had and here's what we came up with. : )

All in all, I think it makes a pretty setting.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"It Hurts to Sleep on My Curly Hair"

Curious about that title? Well there's a funny story behind it. I haven't been able to get to any of the creations floating around in my head lately, so I thought I'd share this cute story instead.

If you remember, this was my oldest daughter's bedroom before she got married. Well, tonight I was putting my two grand daughters to sleep in this very room. Whenever this happens, I always lay on the floor, with my pillow, at the foot of the bed until they fall asleep. It's just a routine we've gotten into.

So tonight little Miss (G) [who is four] was especially wiggly and restless. She says to her big sister (C), " (C), I'm having a bad dream." Then big sister says to me, "Nana, G. is having a bad dream." To which I Laugh-Out-Loud and say, "Hee-hee, that's impossible G., because you haven't even fallen asleep yet." Then Miss (G) informs me, "Nana, I'm serious!" With my heartstrings pulled, I said, "Okay, I'm can bring your pillow down here by me and we'll sleep together."
So, here comes the good part...As she was getting all comfortable next to me and still being a little bit wiggly she said, "It hurts to sleep on my curly hair." I tried not to laugh out loud again, but it was hard. : ) Then, she asked if she could hold my hand and was out like a light in about two minutes. I LOVE being a Nana!!!
For your enjoyment and viewing pleasure...Little Miss G's curls:

And by the way, if you want the most beautiful music EVER to put your children to bed with, try the suggestion I picked up from the Nie-Nie and Courtney-Jane blogs. Thoroughly and completely wonderful!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

I'm pretty sure this is the photo my Aunt Ione sent to my dad over in Italy during the War. It made quite an impression on him. : )

Time to check Vitamin D levels again. Look at my mom being such a good sport!

I've mentioned before that my mom LOVES to observe every little delightful thing around her. I so admire that!
Here's what she was admiring on the wall. A beautiful Watercolor of trees. She was so taken with the lovely colors. Me too.
As instructed, reading over the info to make sure it's all correct. I told her how cute she was as I was snapping photos of her. She always responds the same..."Ohhhh", in disbelief. Silly Mom!
Well, we never got around to finishing her floral arrangement this day, because we got all caught up in a "tweaking" project. You probably can't see what we're trying to accomplish, but my mom wants to darken one strip of the mirror to match her new candlesticks since they're right next to each other. Pix to follow! : )

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Queen For a Day!

Look what I ordered from the talented Wendy of The Shabby Nest.
She has a lovely Etsy Store that you should run over and visit. This crown pillow was designed and oh-so professionally made by her.

An early evening shot.
As a matter of interest, these next shots are from the very first post I ever published. The Nester was having a "Mistreatment Party" and my oldest daughter helped me set up a Blog Site so I could participate. That was the day I was informed by my younger daughter that, " Blogs were just 'Facebook' for old ladies." We all had a good laugh over that one. Don't be too mad at Sara, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. : )

So now that you've seen one of Wendy's beautiful pieces of handiwork, your majesty requests that you run right over and pay her shop a visit. : )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Flower For You

Actually, I saw a floral arrangement last year that I could never get out of my mind. So over the last several months I have been collecting all the items I would need to make it. The advantage of not being in a hurry, allowed me to wait for 50% off sales along the way.
I got these big gerbera daisies half off at JoAnn's...same with the ceramic vase from Hobby Lobby.

I glued the two halves of the styrofoam together...
pulled the daisies off...
and pushed some hard styrofoam into the vase.
Next, I twirled green ribbon all the way up to secure the stems together.
Then, I started by gluing the first daisy on top, and then adding the rest all the way around.

I added some Martha Stewart ribbon at the top.
This filler floral came from Walmart.
And there you have early Spring. : )
And for those of you who belong to my mom's "fan club"...Hee-hee... if you can believe it, I forgot my camera last Wednesday. : ( I've never done that before. But here's a past photo just for fun. We've been working on a special floral arrangement at her house too. I'll take pix next week. : )
Have a great weekend.
Addendum: Someone asked what size my styrofoam ball was. I actually had to whittle it down to be about 4-5" in diameter. I used 7 daisies in all (1 on top, 5 around and then I cut up the 7th for the petals all around the bottom for filler so the styrofoam wouldn't show. Which reminds me, I had to spray paint the green ball white in the end so the green wouldn't show. Note to white next time. : ) Good luck to those who try this happy project. Let me know if I can answer any more questions.