Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Little Dresses!!

Can you EVEN believe our good fortune? The polka-dots are a perfect match!!! Got them on sale at Dillard's for the two little Sweet Peas in pics, below. : )

And if this little guy can make it here from London, we'll make him a tie to match. : )
I sure haven't been making my usual rounds in Blogland. : ( Hopefully I can do some of that this week. Hope you're having a good one!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Want to See Something SUPER Fun?

A while back Sara found this amazing Etsy site that made Bridal Bouquets out of old vintage flower pins from the 1960s:
That could mean only one thing...We HAD to try one!! So we set out collecting them every time we were out and about. Mostly from local Antique Shops, but you can also buy bundles from Ebay.

Our humble beginnings. Sara did a great job assembling all the flowers...

And viola!!!

We will end up putting artificial stems (like pic below) coming out of Sara's base in the end, with a big cameo brooch attached to the wrap-around ribbon.
Below, are many more beautiful creations from this wonderful Etsy artist. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flowers, Jewels and a Sweet Little Birthday

Below, is a SNEAK PEEK of the Bridesmaids' dresses. We're still tweaking a few features on the dress, so you'll have to be patient while waiting for the "reveal". I realize this skinny little belt is white (instead of cream). We just used what we had lying around, for effect. They will all end up being cream for the wedding.
There will be seven Bridesmaids, so we're working on all the flowers that will go at the waistline...and trying to decide between pearls or rhinestones for the centers???

*photo below, courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
Our very own little "Shirley Temple" had her 6th birthday this past week. Just look at those curls...

Below, is the adorable cake her sweet mommy made for the party.

All the girls made Fairy Wands, played bean-bag toss, had a treasure hunt, played 'Pin the Star on Tinkerbell' (using the big mural on the living room wall) and wrapped up the party by making Fairydolls to take home. My daughter and son-in-law did a great job planning the party (with some much-appreciated help from their sister-in-law, Leah). Great job, guys!!!
Big Sister looking on...her turn is next month. : )

Onward and upward...I've been sewing my little heart out this past week. It's not like the Wedding is around the corner, but I really want to stay on top of things since there's only TEN THOUSAND things to tend to before we cross the finish line. : )
Have a great week! I'm shooting for posting at least once a week this Summer. Maybe I'll pick back up in the Fall.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Sara has always loved "everything vintage" ...
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
So, aqua and cream seemed to be the perfect fit for a Vintage-Inspired Wedding. Then, we came across this (below) very recently...done deal!

*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)
photo courtesy of Secondsister
*photo courtesy of (if this is you, please let me know)

And because Audrey Hepburn and her fabulous fashion taste will be a big inspiration for the wedding, we have been busy collecting all these bridal crinoline petticoats for the Bridesmaids (even though they will need to be shortened to knee-length). Thank you, Goodwill!!!
We had a houseful of guests last week, so I was nowhere to be seen in Blogland. Hopefully, I can do some catching up (in between the cutting out of aqua dresses).
*While Sara and I peruse the Internet, we just "click and save" like crazy, but then forget where the photos came from. I will gladly put your name under any photograph that belongs to you...just leave me a comment. : )