Friday, January 18, 2013

Sara's Vintage Radio Makeover

I'm in love with this little pink number my daughter, Sara, has in their apartment. 
However, it didn't start out PINK!
I'm so proud of her for taking this very economical vintage find and turning it into one of the coveted pink retro radios.
She actually just spray painted it with a can of pink paint she purchased at JoAnn's.
Well done, Sara!!!
Sara's blog is mostly a fashion blog about thrift store makeovers and how to put things together.  You can find her here.  : )
And now for some photos of Sara's big sister's latest creations.  Ha!  : )
These first two pics are of little tiny Kate.

This last one is of little Nora.  I'm so pleased to share that Kate is now over 5 lbs. and Nora is now over 7. 
SWEET DREAMS little ones.  : )