Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom, PLUS a Giveaway

I warned you that I have a ton of pictures of me, with my mouth wide open...more evidence. : )

This week I took my mom to get her hair colored at a friend's house who has a little room all set up like a Salon. I LOVE her pink sink.
While we were waiting for the color to set in, we looked up and noticed this funny sign, so I thought I'd snap a picture of it.
Kim even has a pink apron to match her sink. : )

After the hair appointment, we had a Dr. appointment, and then we ran to Target and look what my mom found for 75% off. It looks adorable on her and she only paid $4.48. CRAZY!

Okay, on to the fun Giveaway. A blogging friend, Janis, is having this great giveaway: But RUN, don't walk, because the giveaway ends Feb. 1st at 2:00 p.m. AND... if you are not chosen as the lucky winner, you have the opportunity to purchase either the LOVE above or these adorable items below. Janis is one talented lady, full of ideas that never end. : )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Let me just say first, that my baby girl has been very, very sick for over a week now.
Oops...I forgot...she looks like this now, but I still think of her as the photo above...especially when she's sick. Anyway, we've been to the Dr. four times in the past week because the glands in her neck have been swollen out to the Wa-Zoo and her tonsils have been swollen, which makes it painful to swallow. Poor baby. She has Mono.(no, not from kissing a boy) she got it in some (un)glamorous way which is still a mystery to us. The Dr. we saw yesterday finally put her on the right meds to give her some relief. Today the E.N.T. Dr. said we are on the right track now, and gave her the all-clear. This is the very first day she woke up feeling better rather than worse since all this began a week and a half ago. I'm very grateful!
So, to celebrate the relief from constant worry for the past several days, I did something creative tonight (close to her, at the kitchen table) while she vegged on the couch and watched American Idol. Have you ever heard of Grungeboard, by Tim Holtz? Well, it's fun stuff. It's flexible, unlike chipboard.
Remember the red glitter hearts I showed you a few posts ago from JoAnn's? Here's what I decided to do with one of them.

ARGH...I forgot to distress the edges before I Mod Podged the wings. I'll have to see what I can do about that later.
I also finished up this tag below, that I started earlier. Lots of fun.

And, you probably noticed the addition to my Header today. I FINALLY found myself a poseable hand at a funny little Art Supply place by the University. Yipee! Think of all the mischief I can get into with this little treasure when it comes to holidays.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

V-day is Just a Wonderful Excuse to...

...brighten up the Winter after all the Christmas frou-frou is taken down.

I decided to temporarily paint this guy white with Gesso. It will wash right off later if I choose.

But for this Holiday, he has a message to deliver.

Below, are some handmade cards my daughters and I have made in years past.

And here's a scrapbook page I did for my oldest daughter's book. Are you diggin' those 80's Student Housing curtains? I know I am!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

I asked my mom to tell me about this photo. She said that the two women were the Olsen sisters, who were her Landladies before she met my dad. The little girl was the daughter of some friends of my mom. Her name was Nedra and she was spending the day with my mom. How about that hat?
This Wednesday there were no Dr. Appointments (yipee). We spent the day on a hunt. We were looking for more panels to match the ones you see in the photo below. She now would like to have matching ones in her bedroom.
We ended up going to three different Walmarts, to no avail. However, when she sat down at the pattern counter to take a rest and then started looking at the pattern books, a million childhood/teenage memories came flooding back. My mom and I spent hundreds of hours poring over the Pattern Books when I was young. Oooh, the glorious memories. : )
Below, she is pointing out how perfect that sleeve is on the shorter version of the dress. Such attention to detail.
Happy, happy memories!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tutorial For a Free V-day Banner

My sweet blogging friend, Mimi Sue, brought this free font (thank you, thank you, Allsorts!!!) to my attention on her Site. Thanks Mimi Sue!
So I printed up my letters as instructed. Most of you will want to print up "Love", but I already had a LOVE banner.
It's cheaper if you just put these circles on paper, but I already had the chipboard circles. So I painted the edges red and glittered them.

And there you have it. You can use this font for any holiday. Thanks 'Allsorts'!!!!!
I got these napkin rings at our local antique store. I decided to use one of them to make a crown for my Santos figurine.

And I decided to play around with the little cupcake Christmas ornament.

Next, I've been wanting to try my hand at one of these Decorative cones for a while. I got this package of 10 party cones at Walmart for $2.00 (on clearance) if I remember right. I think they were in the wedding supply isle. The red garland trim and fancy toothpicks I got on sale after Christmas.

I wanted to share that I went to JoAnn's today and ALL their Valentines things were 40% off .
I also added beads and a white dove to my hanging hearts.