Thursday, February 24, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

I've been having fun playing with my collection of Birdcages. The gold owl is a gift my brother and I went in together, as teenagers, to buy for our mom. I'm now the proud owner. Thanks, Steve!! : )
And please don't ask me what year that was because I have Alzheimer's now and can't remember...(liar, liar, pants on fire)...Oh, the vanity!!! I'm still trying to organize my fabrics. This below, is really storage for shoes, but it works nicely for all my polka-dot and floral fabrics. It's freestanding with a metal frame and came from Target.
Below, is a shelf in my laundry room. I got the hanging basket-shelves from Ross.
(On) the shelf are six plastic shoe containers . When fabrics are just stacked vertically on a shelf, they all fall over when pulling out a selection. I really like this system, which I saw somewhere else once...don't remember where now. Thanks anonymous person. : )
I hope you're all doing well these days. I don't get around blogland like I used to, and won't be able to for a couple more days. Take care-------ML

Sunday, February 13, 2011

About Quilts and Closets

Are you sitting down???...because believe it or not, I finally finished the quilt top that I've been working on ever since I started Blogging a few years ago. Yippee!!!
And speaking of quilts, I've decided to store my future quilt projects on the top shelf of this closet I've been trying to organize lately. I finally found the perfect use for all those paper-type suitcases I have. (confession: you should have seen the disaster at my feet and behind me, from everything I had pulled out so I could organize!!!)
Then I decided to make tags of what project was in which suitcase.

This is a little Mary Engelbreit red and white quilt, below.
And speaking of ME...are the rest of you as guilty as I am...(see below). Ha!
Lucky me!! I just happened to be at Walmart the day they threw these onto the clearance shelf. So I picked up three at that price.

Below, is the quilt I made for my little Grandson for Christmas, to inspire him to become an Eagle Scout like his daddy one day. These fabrics are made by Robert Kaufman. They have Girl Scout fabrics too. I ordered these on the Internet from a Website called Beverly's Fabrics.

Can you read the words from the Scout Oath in that red strip of fabric, below? How great!
Daddy's quilt, below.
With an Eagle quilted on the back, which my friend Margie did for me (thanks sweet friend)!
Happy sewing!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Little Valentine And...Game Day

I recently did a Valentine trade with my friend, Joyce.

Below, is the incredible, beautifully handcrafted Valentine Joyce made for me. Even the tiny little envelope was handmade by her. Thank you so much, Joyce. I love it as much as the one you made me last year. : )
AND...Reflections of...
Game Day:

Snacks for the Pre-Game!!!
Lots of lounging.

Our favorite Commercial, by far...(little Darth Vader)!!!!
The Kid-Corner for when the game got "boring".

So sorry about the final score, Joyce! : (
Evening wrap-up...a game of Memory. : )
If you'd like to make a stuffed Valentine, feel free to use the pattern below. The fabric came from a "used store" (can't remember which one now) in a package already cut into. I'm sorry I can't tell you where to get more.
Happy V-Day! : )