Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom, (plus a teeny bit of pride to share)

A new little family of five now, with the first three kiddos, here. My mom's health was challenged a bit after having no. 2 and no. 3 so close together, so you will notice her looking too thin in the next few weeks of photos. Regardless, she looks SO lovely here. So does my dad!! : )
Can you EVEN believe this??? Diana, you should have been entered in a contest!My grandparents (below). Looks like they came from Texas to see the new baby, enjoy the oldest two and help out during their visit. What special people they were!
On this Wednesday, last week, my mom and I enjoyed watching The King and I. It was so delightful to watch again. I hadn't seen it in a LONG time. Who can forget the adorable dance scene between Anna and the King?

Or the amazing interpretation (below) of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Some of the most outstanding choreography ever!

I always thought Debra Kerr and my mom looked alike. Both beautiful!

My sweet friend, Margie, offered to let me borrow some of her 'large piece' puzzles to do with my mom on Wednesdays. They say that puzzles, word games, crossword puzzles, etc. are very good for the brain and memory.

And last...I hope you won't mind me sharing something very HAPPY with you!! Michelle, over at From House to Home purchased one of my Nest Banners recently and then took photographs of where she displayed it in her home. I thought I would burst with pride when I saw these pix over at her place.

Thanks Michelle, for making my day last week. And thanks blogging friends for letting me share with you! I hope your Wednesday's a good one.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Giant Cupcake

One of Sara's cute friends had a birthday Saturday. This friend is famous for giving baked goodies to all her friends on their birthdays. So we knew what had to be done for the Queen of Baking on her birthday.

Pan, below, available everywhere. Online and in stores. I happened to get mine at JoAnn's, using my 40% off, of course. : )

Hope it was a happy one, Brittany!!!

Sermons From the Bathroom Mirror

A most interesting thing happened last Sunday. When I posted "Hillbilly Commandments", two women said, "I should post that on my children's bathroom mirror." It reminded me of all the times I, too, posted little quotes for the kiddos to read while brushing their teeth.

Well, this is one of them that has been around for awhile. Pretty self-explanatory. I have a few more that I will post over the next few weeks.
Happy Sunday!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today, Karen, over at My Desert Cottage, is having the MOST exciting party ever! Her Party is giving us the chance to peek into eachother's Workspaces and Studios. I couldn't resist joining in on the fun by re-posting about my humble little space...(with a few fun edits included). Link to Karen's place is at the end of this post.
When my oldest daughter got married, her room was made into our guest bedroom. So the bedroom you see below is what I call my yellow, white and blue room. AKA the happy room. : )

I wanted a "Studio" I could call my own, but I really did not want to give up this perfect guest bedroom. So...I came up with an unconventional idea. No surprises there!!! : )
EDIT BELOW: This is what the little bedstand looks like these days. Got these two stacking "stamp-shelves" from Goodwill for $7.99 each.

I found both these wood pieces (below) at Goodwill for $19.99 each. I think you can see the direction I'm headed. I would like to paint both pieces black. EDIT: No laughing from the Peanut Gallery by those of you who know how long ago I posted this and here it sits in all it's glory...STILL unpainted!
Below, you can see that I took off the cheap knobs and am in the process of changing them out for the file pulls. Desk from my childhood that both my daughters used as well. Sara has graduated to a hip new desk from Ikea. : )

More storage that can be taken down when we have guests.

Okay, so off came the sliding closet doors. Notice my little $99 chair from Ikea in the corner. Fits perfectly!
This divider system which provides separate cubby holes, came from Costco.
I ordered my paper rack from http://www.mediashelving.com/. They had the best price out there. EDIT: Their prices have gone up since I first posted this...so sorry.
Fun little labels. I printed them out with the font I wanted and then used my circle punch and glued them in these inexpensive tags from Walmart.
I love these bins below from JoAnn's, found in the bead aisle. The brand: ArtBin.

Next, I put the bed risers on either side of the bed. You'll see why I had to in the next photo.

Next, when we have guests, I'll bring the closet doors back in and lean them in place. Because of the hardware at the top, they cannot fall down. You'll understand if you try this. In comes the rolling closet rod.
And presto...change-o! From guest room to "Studio". If only it really looked like this when I'm in the middle of creating. Our little secret...right???
EDIT BELOW: The way my table top looks these days. It seems I never use items for their intended purpose. Oh well...makes life more interesting!

Look what else my little workspace can be used for. The best part! : )
Be sure to head over to Karen's place for lots more inspiring ideas! Thanks Karen!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

Mom with new baby, June.
Dad with new baby... Oldsmobile. : )

Andy, stop it with the cuteness already! Looks like Daddy had to capture the "first steps".

And Diana...always the adorable dolly!

My mom looks like she's having a rough day here, but actually this Wednesday, last week, went so much better than the previous week. The move went great, but we've hit a few bumps in the road in regards to making the transition. As my dad always use to say..."one day at a time".

Last Wednesday just happened to be my son, Scott's birthday. (Somebody loves their big brother). : ) I'd tell you how old Scott is now, but then what would that say about me?...That I'm an antiquity! Ha-ha!
Mr. S. (Nana's little man).

Then all my Ballerinas showed up after Ballet class.

I decided to pull out this old puzzle of the U.S., thinking it would be good for my mom AND the grandkiddies. They LOVED it!
I told them to put their hands on the map at the end. (Mr. S had gone by this time). It was a very good day!
Happy Wednesday!