Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesdays (and Christmas Day) With My Mom

I didn't make it a long visit last Wednesday because I knew my mom would be spending the day with us on Christmas and I still had LOTS of things on my "to do" list before Christmas.

The little green tag says, "From:Diana" on the back. I should have taken a pic of that too!

Mom had just woken up from a nap when I got there, but she was so pleased with the little Christmas doll. : ) I had gotten her out of Storage, but I don't think she remembered her.
Then there was mail to open...
joy to be felt...
and some Bonanza to be watched. : )
This next photo, below, has a sweet story behind it. My sister, June, has been going over to our mom's place during the month of December to play the piano while Mom and the other two ladies sing Christmas songs and old church songs they remember from their past. All three women cherish these times my sister goes over to do this. Then my sis found these darling snow globes that just happened to have "singing" snowmen inside. She gave one to each, on Christmas Eve. So sweet!! Thanks for all you do, June!!
Christmas Day...
My mom in her new red Christmas sweater.

Below...the beautiful and delicious Cornish Game Hens my Son-in-law made for the meal. I did the ham and he did the hens. Thanks so much, James!!! They were amazing! : )
The little munchkins enjoying the meal. Hi cuties!!!!!
We also fit in a "Skype" visit from London, which was a bit tricky as they are seven hours ahead of us right now. Merry Christmas, little guy! We love and miss all of you very much!

Lots of excitement that day!
Merry Christmas, sweet Mom!!!
And last, but not least... a BIG thank you to Marie of 'Spun by Me' for the beautiful Giveaway I won this month. There is a wonderful story behind this gorgeous stitchery. You can click right here to read about the women who stitch these and the wonderful cause it goes towards.

Below, is a photo of the BACK of their work. I've never seen such meticulous work. I am honored to own this beautiful work of art. Thank you so much, Marie.
And last (for real)... I hope I'm not the only one that lets their house "go to pot" in order for Christmas to happen. Every year I think I will stay one step ahead, and every year I don't! In fact I get many, many steps behind. So, if 2010 is going to run smoothly, I better "get real" and take back my house and garage (don't even get me started talking about our garage)!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


I saw this on the 'Design Mom' Blog last December. I bookmarked it because I thought it was just so sweet and charming. My favorite part is when the "cameraman" goes into the classrooms with the little sheep, angels and shepherds. No inhibitions...it's wonderful. : ) Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom

This is out of chronological order this week, but you can see why I had to slip it in here. I LOVE this picture. : )
Sweet Sara came with me on this day last week. After we went to the Neurologist, we ran a HAPPY errand. One of our favorite Boutiques!!!! For those of you who deal with Alzheimer's, you know the drill of how they test your parent each time in the exact same way and then give them a score at the end. My mom's score actually went up one point from her last visit. : )

We didn't stay long because my mom was pretty tired that day. But it was still great fun!
Then, guess who paid us a surprise visit? My brother and his cute wife, Cindy. They were in town picking up their son from the airport.
It almost kills my mom to rip into a beautifully wrapped gift. Steve asked if she would like him to help. When she said, "yes", he did a GREAT job assisting her. We all cracked up. : )

Holding the package so she can pull out the surprise.
A beautiful picture of my Grandfather. My mom is a VERY proud Texan, thus the star. GREAT job, you two!

And speaking of my sweet brother...these next two pictures are of us at a Motel one Summer.

Do you remember this Polar Bear ornament from my 'Cloche Party' post? I bought one for Steve and one for me, to remind us of this great childhood memory. : )

It's actually a Mary Engelbreit ornament made from her drawing, below.

AND, to all who read this...

photo by Ariel Skelley

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Give To You..........

Whoville Tree... II

Okay, let me say it, before you even think it..."She should be ashamed of herself!" But let me explain. We've had this monster tree for several years now, so it has definitely paid for itself by now. Last year I was just too lazy to get this "beast" out of storage, so I glorified-up our 6ft. tree instead when I did the "Whoville I".

But then, after Christmas everything I'd used on the 6 footer, went on sale. Most of it 75% off. So I stocked up and dreamed of Christmas 2009 when I would dust off the "beast" and really do it up right.
Above, a fun "explosion" of peppermint happiness!

Do the rest of you lie on the floor to get the perfect photo, or am I the only weirdo???
I KNEW IT... I am the only weirdo!!! Hee-hee! : )

I just finished making our 2009 Christmas Collage to send out and thought I'd share some pics from past collages.
Little cousins acting out the Nativity, 2007.

Some pics from this year's collage, below.

Christmas always makes me nostalgic. See my beautiful blonde daughter, above? This is also her, below. You young mommies try to remember that your little ones are little for such a short time. Proof below... : )
I hope each of you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas Season.

Mary Lou