Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding/Anniversary Compilation Post

Well, if you can believe it, our newlyweds have been married for a year now, on Saturday. Seems like yesterday to me. This Post is for any new Followers who may have missed all the fun last year.
I've been completely MIA in blogland lately due to some special orders in my Shop and other commitments in my "real life". : )

Engagement photos.
We made good use of this banner. It was used at the Shower and Reception, as well.

Bridesmaids' gifts all wrapped up, which were the necklace pictured below.
We had fun shopping for all these old enamel flower brooches. Sara did a wonderful job putting the bouquet together.

Since her bouquet was made out of old pins, we made William's boutonniere out of one, too.

Happy Anniversary, you two! We sure love you!

***A big "thank you" to our photographers, Jessica and Chris. What an amazing job you did!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a Few Things to Hoot About Today

I wanted to share a couple of tips and tid-bits with you today.
See this amazing brown wool fabric? Well, guess what??? I got a big piece of it a while back, from Goodwill. Don't forget to check their fabric aisle when you go. : )
And speaking of fabric. This (below) just came in the mail today. I ordered one yard of this (very nice quality) "document" fabric from Ballard I'm thinking about recovering a lamp shade and maybe making a pillow or two. It will be A LOT cheaper than buying one of their ready-made shades out of the same fabric.
Next...these little green glittered beauties (the pumpkins) were found in the Target Dollar Section for $2.50 each, just today. They're about 8 inches tall. Run, don't walk! :-D
Remember last year when my whole universe was consumed with Sara's wedding and we were painting all these frames off-white?
Well, I always loved how enchanting these photos of the fames turned out, in the trees.
So I decided to try it again with some of my wedding couples. : )

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a good one!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween Crafts Through the Years

As promised, I thought I would do a compilation-Post of some of my favorite Halloween crafts. I used a stamp set to make the paperdoll, below.
I bought some ceramic hands at a thrift store and decided to spray them white to put into my Halloween vignettes.

Here's a tiny "instant ancestor" I found at the local Antique Store. I just made her a little more fancy. : )

Spider webs can be made from thin rope.

I love to make decorated Bingo Cards!

My "instant relative" again, decorated a different way.
Someone used Scrapbooking supplies to embellish this pumpkin, below. Sara and I took this pic while visiting a cute shop a couple years ago.
Thanks to the Blog, 'Stuff by Ash', I made this with the kiddos last year.

This is how I made my Boo Jars.

And......couldn't resist showing my latest creations, which I finished at (?) a.m. last night. :-D

I hope you found some inspiration here today. Have a good one!
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