Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paper Fun

I've had this Paper Trends book (below) for a couple of years now and have wanted to make these hearts featured inside. I finally got around to it.

Here's the link to the tutorial for the paper rose:

I also added some gathered crepe paper to this heart (below) so it would show up better from a distance.

Marshmallow lollipop, below, came from Walmart for only $1.00.

Paper cut-out came from Hobby Lobby last year.
Argh.....I can't remember who showed this idea to us last year! If it was you, please leave me a comment so I can give you credit for wrapping the candles like this.
I cut it into thirds, and "spread the love". : )

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesdays With My Mom...AND Some Valentine Decorating.

You know how every family has their "Glory Days"? Well, the years spent in this home, in Texas, were the glory years for our family. My mom and dad turned this beautiful home and the landscaping into a palace over the years. Below, are my dad, Andy and June. So cute!
The construction!!
Darling little Steve with his daddy. I was still a baby at the time, so was not expected to dig and work yet. : )
I can't get over how sweet this pic of my sister, Diana, and one of our Grandmothers is in front of our beautiful home.
Last Wednesday I took my mom to get her eyeglasses adjusted. She was complaining about them recently.
Much better. Thanks Nancy and Penny. : )
I wish I could have caught a photo of the cute little boy that was running around and who captured my mom's happy attention. She adores watching children!!!
I took this photo in the car because my mom was sure her hair "looked awful" that day, so I took this and showed her, to prove that it certainly didn't!
Playing around for Valentine's Day. I got my inspiration from all the "Candy Bars" I've seen in wedding pics lately. I couldn't resist.

I made the winged heart (above) and the tag (below) last year.

Remember the Halloween flags I had in my display last October? Well, I decided to save myself the $8.00 and make my own V-Day flag. So easy!!!

I still need to put up these bubble hearts...
and put this up in my hallway. Maybe tomorrow. : )
Be Mine and... Be Good! : )

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Faux Moon...WHAT A GOOF!!!

A few friends and I went on a mini quilt retreat this past Thursday-Saturday. Below, is my "eternal quilt" (meaning it will take me an eternity to finish) that I took up to work on. I got the left border done, and started down the right. But first...the story behind the Post title!!!
The first night we were there, I tip-toed into the bathroom so as not to wake anyone up. To my surprise, there was a FULL MOON right outside our little bathroom window. I thought to myself, "I must photograph this so as to share with everyone in the morning."

However, upon closer observation...............
I discovered my "full moon" was actually a...LAMP POST!!!

I'm a dork! But it was good for a laugh the next morning when I shared my "discovery" with everyone at breakfast. (Sara, thanks for helping me get even better photos the next night.)
Okay, onto the good stuff. Cute Lori brought this adorable quilt to finish for her daughter's bedroom.
Drool, right????? : )

Next, look what Stacy made this Christmas with her glorious new Viking!!!!! What a work of art.

And look who decided to come along with all the old ladies this time. YEA... SARA!!!!! You made it twice as fun, cutie! : )
She even did some creating along with us. Here's the V-Day card she made for "you-know-who"...
And just so she didn't get kicked off the team, Sara used the sewing machine...on her card. : )
Sara was our trip-photographer, so she was clicking away during the drive, both ways.

As if the "faux moon story" weren't enough goofiness, we had to add a little more on the way home. Lori brought an old quilt to repair with her on this trip. On the way home, it blew off and we had to turn around and pick it up off the side of the freeway. Do we know how to have fun or what??? !!!
Lori, is this where you said, "Our little secret, right?" Hee-hee!
Margie, you're the Queen of Fun! Thanks for all the planning.
Thanks for a great time, girls.