Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Shower=Apron + PW Cookbook

One of our friends got married recently. So another friend and I decided to make her an apron to go along with the Pioneer Woman Cookbook.

Here's the cute pattern we used.
Completely reversible. : )

Also, I finally got down to Ikea this week to pick up one of these lovely little numbers I've been seeing in Blogland.
Why is this pale blue enamel Soooooooo irresistible??

Couldn't resist. :-D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heather Bailey Pincushion

Another project down. Yea!!!

Over a year ago I bought this Heather Bailey apple kit. I finally decided to tackle it. Tweets in the Shop. : )

Happy Saturday! : )

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I LOVE Summertime!!!!!

Last Summer I bought these two "dressing tent" boxes from Lori Mitchell. Beautiful photo (below) taken by my daughter, Sara.
This Summer I decided to order two of Lori Mitchell's figurines to go with them, after seeing them on Viv's Blog. Hi, Viv! : )

Barbie courtesy of Google Images

I hope you're enjoying your Summer!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Tutorial Re-Post, because...

because I'm in the middle of making another Bird Wedding-Cake-Topper and you've seen WAY too many photos of those.
Nothing else exciting is going on here this week, so......
A Blast From the Past:

I'm just going show you my steps in photo-form because I had no instructions. I Just made it up as I went.

I used my Tim Holtz disc for the picture of the little girl. I just printed her off.
The strings holding up the cloud and moon went up and through the cardboard above, then I taped them down on top. I distressed the paper a bit and added stamps and postmark stickers.
Christmas earrings I got for 75% at Target after the holidays. I knew I would use them in my crafting.

Below, a very sloppy job of Mod Podge and tissue paper on the back, but it sure was a fast way to cover everything.
Clear as mud? This project took a LONG time, but I enjoyed it. Let me know if you try it too. Have a good weekend.
Mary Lou

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A "Tangled" Birthday

Someone had a birthday this past weekend.

FRIDAY: Time to get to work!!! My daughter throws the most amazing parties for her girls. If there are any ideas you like, go here for all the templates, instructions, etc. A BIG THANKS to "Super Mom Moments"!!
The stencil, below, came from Walmart.
SATURDAY: Time to Party!!!

Rapunzel's tower:

Rapunzel loved to paint murals, in the movie...


In the movie, there's a cute little chameleon named Pascal.
Again, the template can be found in the link above.

Make a Wish!

Gift Time!

Happy Birthday precious girl. We love you!!!