Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom AND a Pumpkin Experiment

Below, on a Road Trip, in front of the Motel. The first three kiddos are getting bigger!
Couldn't resist putting this one of my Daddy in too. I'm diggin' those sandals, Andy. : )
On this day last week, we really just laid back and relaxed. Here, Sara is showing Grandmother her 'Happy Book'.

Cute cover, below.
The first page is so clever.
See below:
One more cute page out of her 'Happy Book'. You make me happy, Sara! : )
My mom always goes ga-ga over the Fall Coldwater Creek catalogs. My sister and I always save them for her.
We had my Mom's favorite soup that day while we watched 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. She got such a kick out of it. It had been a VERY long time since she'd seen it.
Okay, onto the experiment. Last year, I saw these little beauties in a couple of Shops around town. The only problem was...they were $30 EACH! (for the regular sized ones) Ummm...I didn't end up with any. : (

So this year, I just had to try my hand at them. I used silky fabrics instead of velvet, but I still think they turned out kind of cute. Their sizes (including stems): Tall-9.5", Med-7", Sm: 5.5".
I'm selling them as a set, because I can't stand to separate them. I'm charging $28.00 for the set... (got to thinking, there should be a discount for ordering in multiples). But if they just sit in my Shop for a week or two, I'll consider separating them (I know...I'm goofy)!

And as promised, here's a few more $10.00 ones. Last week, I had guessed on the shipping...I guessed wrong! So, I'm sorry if the shipping seems a little steep, but it accurately reflects the cost. And combined shipping is offered.

Happy Wednesday

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Black Dead Tree" Makes a Comeback!

Some of you may remember when I painted my black tree white, for Christmas and Springtime. Well, a big decision had to be made this Fall. Paint it black again, or be lazy? I can't believe I chose to do the right thing! : )
If you're just DYING to read the original story behind this "dead black tree", click HERE.

So far, I've just decided to hang my big Halloween Bingo cards from the tree.

Another "Instant Relative" from the Antique Store. : )
If you can see the bottom left corner, it says $7.95. Worth every penny. And don't worry, I didn't alter the original. The one above is a photocopy.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesdays With My Mom and Pumpkins for Sale

As you know, last week was a rough one. Things seem to be going a little smoother this week, but I'm still anxious for our appointment with the Neurologist later this week.
My mom, dad and precious little June (baby no. 3). Can you even get over the adorable dolly-baby pic of her below? So sweet!!
So these photos, below, are from two weeks ago. On that Wednesday, we stopped at Walmart and picked up several things my mom had been wanting, plus a hair coloring kit. It was time and she was such a good sport.
Watching TV while we waited for the color to set in.
I grabbed a quick pic as we were heading out the door that night. Sweet Mamma!
So this is what I've been busy with for stress relief this week. Thanks for the suggestion, PJ. : )

If you remember, I made these last year after first seeing them on the 'Sunshine in my soul' blog and Rachel's 'Made with love and lots of glue' blog.

So if you would like to add one of these to your Fall Decor', they're sitting over in my Shop for $10.00 each. HAPPY 2ND DAY OF FALL. : ) Oh my goodness...I had no idea these would go so fast. I will be making more in the coming days. Thanks so much to those who ordered! : )

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Late...I'm Late...For a very important date...

I know...I missed Wednesdays With My Mom this week, but that's because my mom had an "Alzheimer's Episode" this past Tuesday and it's taken me this long to recuperate. Her physical health is fine, but my sister and I ended up spending several hours in the hospital last Tuesday afternoon and evening. By the time we left, and after several tests, they told us it was just "one of those things" that goes along with Alzheimer's. I will give a further explanation next week on my 'Wednesdays...' post. I'm also relieved that we have a scheduled appointment with her Neurologist this Friday.
Okay, on to happier things...
See these adorable Fall glitter tags, above? Well I won them, along with a few mini ones from Tammy, at Tinsel & Company. I already used the mini maple leaf in the nest, below. Click here to see Tammy's wonderful Ebay Store. THANK YOU TAMMY!!
NOTICE: My oldest daughter said, "Mom, you should antique the pumpkin the little girl is sitting on to make it look more authentic." Boy, was she ever right. : ) Thanks Em!!!
The next two items are things I ordered from two delightful Etsy Shops. This one below came from the 'Cherry's Jubilee' Shop. Click here to see Cherry's Fabulous Etsy Store. I told her she was the "Queen of Paper". SO TRUE! If you remember from last Fall, she is the one who gave me the inspiration for the pumpkin guy on a box. I think there's one waiting in her Shop today! And last, but certainly not least, I ordered these charming earrings, below, from Molly at 'A Bit 'o Shine'. Click here to see Molly's beautiful jewelry in her Etsy Store.
Have a great weekend everyone.